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ideal weight suggestions

Hi for all those who are further on in the journey please could you share some ideas with me.

I am 5ft 8(nearly) and hourglass(ish) figure. I thought I wanted to get down to my wedding weight but couldnt remember what that was. Anyway my old wedding dress(20 yrs ago) now fits just but i am still far from a healthy BMI. so i guess i am asking for ideas on what my weight should be . I thought 13 stone but the BMI calculator on LL says that 13 stone is overweight so should i be lower? At the minute i am 14 st 12 lbs. id relly like a goal that is achievable, sustainable and not too thin still curvy hope this makes sense. Started as a 20 bot and 20 22 top now a 16 bot(bit big) and 18 top. Cheers:)
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im 5ft 7 and 11 and a half stone would put me in the healthy bmi range but i could go as low as 10st 4 x


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BMI is only a guideline, muscle weighs more than fat, so if you do a lot of exercise that will affect your BMI.

As for achievable, remember your metabolism isn't fixed. Eating small, regular meals and taking regular exercise will all boost your metabolism and help keep the weight off.

According to BMI calculators, 11st 10 would be the top end of the healthy range. I think you'll always be in the top end if you're curvy and have larger boobs (I know mine must weigh a lot!) but I wouldn't get tooo hung up on that.

If you aim to use LL to stop over eating, to develop a balanced attitude to food and give you the opportunity to live a healthy life, then that's all that matters.

Don't forget to put emphasis on exercise as well as what you eat. If you eat well and exercise regularly, then you will be healthy, regardless of what the numbers say.

I think in your position I would look to maintain a weight between 10 and a half and 11 stone, that means if you fluctuate a bit (and everyone does) you'll still be in your healthy zone.

My healthy BMI is 11stone, which I'm really looking forward to, but my goal weight is 10 stone. I am going into RTM next week (am 11st 3lbs now) and aim to achieve and maintain an end weight of around 10 stone through eating a balanced diet and keeping up my exercise programme.

Anything is achievable if you have the tools (which LL will give you) and want it enough.

I think we're so used to seeing bigger people now we think of it as the norm, but I don't want to be normal, I want to be healthy.
Thank you all for your input. Lots to think about.:sigh:

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