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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by vickydink, 14 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. vickydink

    vickydink Determined!!

    i am only posting this because i cannot believe how stupid it sounds!

    I have always thought if i diet hard and stick my mind at it like i am doing now i will never get below 10stone.

    My Wii fit tolf me the other day that my ideal weight is 8stone 5lb's!!! NO WAY!
    I am broad shouldered and heavy boned.

    Does anyone have a theory to this madness???

    I am just wantin to lose the tummy which i have never managed to get rid of!!! :( 8stone 5 i just don't think i would look right!
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  3. loseitasap

    loseitasap Member

    I think the same as yourself, my ideal weight has been described as 8.5 but could never imagine me being that weight, i am the same heavy boned.

    I dont think you should take wii fit as gospel, my friends five year old who is a normal heathly five year old and was told by wii fit she was overweight, so dont go on that! x
  4. vickydink

    vickydink Determined!!

    Ok :)
    So i am having 1000 calories a day and i am exercing on average for about 45min doing aerobic exercises on my Wii Fit and Family trainer so maybe burning 200ish? Not sure how u work out how many you burn to be honest.

    This seems to be working and i don't think my weight loss can be sped up anymore can it as the weight i am losing each week is the safe way to lose it so i do not gain it back on when i have finished?
  5. serafyn

    serafyn Full Member

    I should be 9 half stone, now there is no way I should or even want to be that, people ask if I'm ill! To be honest 11 and half even 12 is where I want to be.... I'll just write off the rest lol

    I have heavy toes :D

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