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Ideas for christmas taster session

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me too!!! im thinking about doing the cookies!!
Scotch eggs, using syn free sausages, or use Morrisons Eat Smart sausages. Coat in egg and crushed scan bran.
Doritos made from lasagne sheets, sprinkled with paprika or curry powder, with a dip made from 1/2 can of Sundar Chickpea dahl, liquised with some FF Fromage Frais. Did this one a recent tasting session when we had woman of the year award. Everybody though it was brill!
"Ferrero Rocher" chocs made from scan bran and choc spread. There is a recipe on SW forum, but not sure where. Will try and find it.
Onion bhajis from the new Curry Heaven book.
Couscous cake, made from soaked couscous, sweetener, muller light yoghurt and egg. Again, recipe is on here somewhere, there are several version.
Quiche - made with using grated potatoe with fry light cooked first as base, then fill with eggs, bacon, etc. The cheese part can come from 28g of cheese or parmeson, or using quark? Actually, come to think of it, not sure if quark will work, but there are recipes on slimmingeats.com.
Ferrero Roche

Makes 18 at 1 syn each
5 Scan Bran
3 tbsp Nutella
3 tbsp Golden Syrup

Put Scan Bran in a bowl add a bit of water, crumble in to small bits.

Stir in Nutella and Syrup

Spoon into 18 cake cases (ball shapes).

Put in fridge for an hour


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i was going to suggest the cous cous cake with mincemeat - bit like bread pudding

other than that what about filo pastry made into mini samosas with a bit of cranberry, turkey and a bit of herbs and quark or philli, you could probably make those really low in syns per samosa

or a filling syn free soup

can you warm food up - what about a mushroom curry topping for jacket spuds - mush sliced and fried (frylite), 1tbsp curry paste, fresh coriander and nat yog


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Im glad i searched for xmas taster before starting my own thread...there are some fab ideas here...does anyone know of any sweet things other than ferero rocher and coucous cake?! Are there any biscuits or mince pie style things?! thanks


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Mmm - if it was me I'd do a small gammon ham in the slow cooker - if you have a slow cooker that is!! (In fact I might do one tomorrow anyway). It was my fave thing on christmas day last year. I stuck it in the slow cooker with half a pint of cider poured over it before I went to bed on christmas eve, and it was done when I got up on chrismas day. Any fat scrapes off with a knife really easily while its still warm.

For the taster you could cut it into bite size pieces and take some cocktail sticks for people to eat it with.
I may make a couple of pizzas and slice them up. Or I might make cheesecake. I've never been to a taster night.. do they warm your food up? lol


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have you seen the scan bran xmas cake later posting than this one - I'm going to have a go at that for our taster session on Tuesday night.
what about mini thai turkey bites? 400g minced turkey, 1 clove of garlic, half red chilli ( i'm a bit of a wimp with chilli), tbsp soy sauce, tbsp lime juice and 1 egg. either blend in a food processor or finely chop everything together then roll into mini balls and bake or fry with frylight. Place a cocktail stick in each one for ease when picking up
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I've just made syn free "pigs in blankets" for our christmas theme taster evening

Small packet of pork mince
1 beaten egg
1 tablespoon of sage
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 red onion
bacon rashers with all fat cut off and cut into long strips

put all ingredients apart from bacon into food processor and blend together
make little balls or sausage shapes (your choice)
wrap a strip of bacon around
stick in oven on 190 for about 20 mins

once cooked through i generally put onto a grill rack and put under the grill to crisp up!


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