Ideas for dinner anyone?


Onwards and downwards!
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Hi all.

I have a new friend coming over for dinner tonight and I have NO idea what to cook for her. I'm not the best cook in the world so don't want anything too complicated but don't just want to be giving her jacket potato and beans, lol. And of course I would love it to be as SW friendly as possible without her being able to tell the difference :D

If anyone has any ideas I would be soooo grateful! I never cook for anyone other than my husband so I'm really nervous!
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Stirfry with noodles in it? Quick, easy and tasty.

Eaton Mess for Pudding? (Meringue nest broken up, and raspberries stirred into some creme fraische (sp) and vanilla yogurt combined.)


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Any casserole or stew meal can be made the slimming world way packed full of veggies and can be prepared well in advance so you aren't running around when your guests are there.

What about fresh fruit salad for pudding or a slimming world trifle- I don't have the recipe but i'm sure someone will be along in a minute with it if your are interested.