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Ideas for packed lunch

I always used to have sandwiches, but made with WW bread and low fat cream cheese and wafter thin ham, so low in points!
I bulked it up with fruit (loved a bag of grapes) or carrot sticks with zero point spicy salsa :)
you could also try something like pasta salad if sandwiches don't float your boat?
cool, only prob i have is a drive a truck all day so once i get stuck in a traffic jam my sandwich attack me and i attack them back by eating them lol so there gone by 9am lol
its a nightmare need get a safe/lunchbox which has a timer on it so it only opens at the time you set it. you know what i might take that idea to the dragons den lol
I never have sandwiches as I eat them all by 9 am as well...

How about a ham salad?
Cereal bars, fruit, jelly, yogurts, quavers (crisp) Cous cous ..etc
Ummm I dont know how long a flask will keep water hot for or when you get breaks but how about on your first morning break having a cup a soup with the flask hot water?
I'd stock up on lots of free snacks like carrots, jelly, cucumber sticks then hopefully you'll leave your sandwich till dinner time hehe!!
Nope sandwich only lasted till 10am today once again they was calling my name. well they started calling my name at 8am but i didnt listen till 10am, i think prob i have is i start at 5am and have my breakfast when i wake up so now i going try taking my breakfast plus lunch to work, plaining have breakfast around 9am hopefully i leave my sandwich alone till 1pm ish. and also going take some free point food and change my sandwich for salad every other day. Thanks for ideas so far been very helpful
I always take my breakfast a work! .. I have it about 9.30 but then i start a fair bit later then you!

Crackers is another one, or crispbread with low fat spread.
Low fat popcorn
Cold turkey/chicken strips with some type sauce.
Cold pasta meal or maybe a cold ww lasgna, I like lasagna cold but if you dont then dont worry about that one! :rolleyes:
Dried fruit - Not sure on the points for this..

And now iv run out of ideas! :eek:
Been having my breakfast at work about 9 ish last couple days seems to be working till got my sandwich at 12. also be trying them now silm hunger strips they seem to help too .
I like to take weetabix with fruit for lunch, it means I need to wait until I get some milk and sit down and eat it.

Generally it consists of: 3 weetabix biscuits with chopped strawbs and grapes or bananas :) nomnomnom


Silver-Haired Hottie
Pack a few pieces of LF string cheese, or a peeled hard-boiled egg or two, and a fruit. This can hold you over from breakfast till lunch, with no problem, then you have your sandwich. I'd make a wrap on a WW tortilla or use a WW pita, stuffing that bad boy with tons of lettuce and grilled veggies as well as the protein (ham, turkey, chicken, etc.). You could also bring baby carrots and salsa or hummus as a dip. Add a fruit and a drink, and you're good to go.

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