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Ideas for pudding using pineapple anyone??

I have three pineapples in and really need to start using them up. Going to take a nice fruit salad to work with me tomorrow.

Does anyone have any recipes for any sort of pudding using pineapple other than a fruit salad? I was thinking of a SW friendly upside down cake but wouldn't know where to start with a normal one let alone adapting it....

Thanks :)
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Or a simple dessert is make a sugar free jelly and put pineapple pieces in it, and serve with a Mullerlite yoghurt - very simple, but very fresh and tasty.
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Pineapple kebabs are good, cube, put on sticks sprinkle with sweetner and grill till warmed through, good on a bar b too.

Lovely cooked with pork or chicken, and also tossed through a salad. Not a pud I know but it uses the pineapple up, it would need syning if you put it in at the start of cooking but I add mine at the end and just warm through so I don't syn it as I don't think that is really classed as cooking, is it?


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In the last SW magazine, there was a lovely dessert for pineapple. It was sliced into really thin rounds and drizzled with a mixture of lime juice, sweetner and very finely chopped chilli.
Sounds a bit weird but it was hot/sweet/sour and very very nice



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You could try doing a pineapple lemon upside down cake? Why not try my lemon cake recipe and line the tin with pineapple first? May or may not work??!
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Fresh pineapple chopped into cubes, spinkle with a little cinnamon and roast in the oven. Serve hot with Fromage Frais! Totally Yummy!
grill half a pineapple and then put a merangue mix on top and put in back on the oven until cooked.gorgeous!!
and if you use egg whites and sweetener then the merangues and free:)


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The pineapple with chilli is devine. You've got to give it a go. I was so surprised by it.
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I am making SW rice pudding at the mo, which is always good with fresh fruit.

Boil 50g pudding rice till soft (about 20 min). Drain well, let cool a little then add your choice of m'lite yogurt. Serves 2.

I am making mine now with peach flavour m'lite and wish I had some of your pineapple to go in it!!



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some great ideas i do luv pineapple! but just wondering how it is possible to end up with 3 pineapples in the house LMAO

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I love having pineapple wrapped in ham as a snack or with some salad. It's really refreshing, especially on a picnic or day out.
Fantasy answer (not to be taken seriously!)

We had a load of pineapples once, can't remember why. We peeled them, sliced them, sprinkled them with some sugar, then poured over a bottle of brandy. Left for three months in a dark place, then strained back into the brandy bottle. It was amazing!!


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What about pineapple fried rice?
Cut the pineapple in half, scoop out the pineapple, chop it up, then fry lite in a pan, beaten egg, add your boiled rice, salt, and spring onion, then throw in your chopped pineapple, put the rice back into the pineapple shells and serve. You can also put in chicken or prawns(EE).



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Another vote here for the chilli and pineapple! Can you freeze it? I've had fruit mixes with it in, then you won't put yourself off it for life!

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