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Ideas for the freezer


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How about making some soups, you can buy pour and store bags for the freezer. Or a big vegetable curry, you can throw anything in.
ohhh yes, soups/pasta sauces like it. Anything that I can get out of the freezer in the morning to cook as quick as poss when I get home from work. Thanks x


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you could do your self some chicken/beef casseroles, fishcakes, i make a large frittata thingy and slice it and put it in the freezer

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the sw beef goulash is very nice and the beef stew from the sw calender is really good too.


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Do some curry sauces and then you can add cooked chicken or prawns or beef to them and you won't need much cooking that way


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Hi, just a quick question. I've never batched cooked or froze something I've made:rolleyes: Though being a busy mum this sounds like a great idea. So here's the question: When you've cooked the stew/lasagne or whatever, what do you put it in to store it in the freezer?



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My favourite ATM is BNS and sweet poatato curry (I googled for a recipe and found a few similar ones).

With regards to what I freeze it in, I use old pasta sauce/passata/jam jars for sauces, tupper wares or zip lock bags for stews and curries and I "invested" in extra lasagne dishes so that I can make up the lasagne and freeze it in the dish, uncooked. That way I can pop it in the oven and serve it as it has been freshly made.


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Oh and Violet, start batch cooking!!! I love cooking, but there is so many more fun things to spend time on!
i couldnt do the diet if i didnt freeze food lol. its only me doing it so when i make a spag bol or chilli or stew i always freeze what i dont eat. on a weekend every few weeks i do a mass cook up make lots of different things to freeze. its a life saver honestly recommend it to all


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the sausages recipes and the kofte meatball curry recipe in the jan/feb magazine are seriously yumeeeeeee and you could easily freeze them :)

Also my pasta bolognese and chilli recipe in winter warmers can be frozen too! :) you could make large batch up and just change the seasonings for each one.

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