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Identifying the problem and fixing it...

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Hi guys.

so my issue of the week is - when i get hungry, its in an instant.. and if i dont eat. The world will end. In a desperate bid to avoid eating crap i will search as best i can within arms reach for food i can instantly put in my mouth.. but i have limited time, else it's whatever i see first.

Please help me find some things i can keep in my bag, low synned.. or syn free, that i can eat with no trouble?

If anyone else has a problem this week maybe we can help one another! xx
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I always have alpen lights, a banana and my latest is dried apricots, i measure a HE B portion into zip lock bags and carry one with me.


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Clementines!! They take a fair while to eat what with all the peeling and everything, so you kinda feel like you're eating more than you actually are because it's taking you so long. Took me my entire fifteen minute break to get into one and eat it last week, didn't have time for anything naughty!


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Grapes...no peeling, no fuss and as there's loads in a bag/punnet you can keep picking at them.


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I tend to carry alpens for this purpose, and also NAS squash, just incase its thirst in disguise


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Not pregnant, but I have this problem after I exercise heavily (10km+) - I have a very small window in which to get something to eat else I feel dizzy, sick, and get palpitations.

I try and keep a healthy extra spare for these events - I can quickly get some cereal in me, or a sugary cereal bar if necessary. Also bananas and yoghurt are good for times like that.


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Fern, I keep an orange cut into wedges in my bag in a tub, it's always eaten by the end of the day even if its for pudding/before or after dinner. An apple too. I tend not to carry cereal bar type things, just boring fruit.
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I too carry wedges of orange in a tub ha ha, and a banana just incase I'm a little hungry :)


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I carry pineapple and apple slices in a tupper! :)


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When I was working - there was always fruit in the desk drawer. At home - there's always fruit in the freezer (pineapples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). If I'm out and about and near a tesco/M&S or such forth - and get a hunger attack that won't go - then I get a small suishi snack box (the £1 small boxes tend to be between 1 and 2 syns depending on which shop). and when out and about - there's nearly always a bottle of water somewhere nearby - in case its thirst and not hunger (sometimes the body can confuse the two).


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As well as fruit I also tend to have a mini tin of pull-top tuna and a little plastic fork in my handbag too as I find it really satisfying when I know that the apple isn't going to hit the spot - although it did get me a funny look when I had to have my bag searched going into court the other week - tissues, lip gloss, handcream, tuna.... don't ask!!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
cherry that made me laugh! I do like Tuna though im not supposed to eat too much of it, but im sure a little can wont do any harm..

Iv also bought some hartleys jelly pots, because they dont have to be refridgerated!

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