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If drinking probably a litre of Coke Zero was the only way you could do SS-would you?

Just wondering as I am struggling to the point where this is probably the only thing that would help me carry on.

Tried still water, tried sparkling, tried flavouring, tried sparkling+flav. I really don't want to do SS+ I want to SS but with coke zero. Is that even possible? Has anyone had really good loses with it?

I'm 25 stone I need to do this. You would think that I could will myself to do it with just plain water but for some reason I can't.
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I know someone who's done ss fine and has drunk coke zero, don't think they were drinking a litre though.


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hey hun if it helps you get going then i would personally do it! even if it gets you through first few days xx

the problem with coke zero is that i can make you feel hungry. it's the only diet drink that doesn't contain citric acid and i have drunk it in the past but i was well into the diet by then and i only had a couple of cans a week. even on the other plans you must limit your diet drink consumption. the idea about not drinking it is so we are removed from all conventional foods. the old rules were along the lines of no more than a pint or 500ml a day.... i think it was a day. which is just under 2 cans. i can honestly say try something else first though. your weigh loss might not be as quick if you start adding things to your diet and i think that it's more important to loose weight quickly that's why we do CD.

i can see your predicument but drinking water does get easier. why not have some coffee? try different water flavourings. i try to drink a pint of water before my shakes and that way i know that i can get 4 pints in easy. the rest of the time i add more water to my shakes and drink coffee. i always drink more water when i go to the gym - 2 litres more or if i do a class it's 1 litre more.

i hope this helps you.

have a chat to your CDC.


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Ye at the end of the day if your options are breaking the diet or drinking some coke zero then definitely have some coke zero. Drink it in moderation though.
I agree with the above in moderation....When i done it first time round i had cans of coke zero here and there and never did any damage, better that than eating! x
You can do this without coke zero. u started on the 3rd of march right? coke zero is just another craving uv got to ignore, if u drank alot of coke before than thats y ur having the issues now, caffine is addictive. I feel for u cos its like ur having to kick not only the food habit but the coke zero one too. coke zero isnt allowed yet so dont do it.
I think if u start making allowances this early on then u will hit a wall in the future when coke zero becomes food.

I know waters not that exciting, but lets be honest it doesnt taste of anything, and has far more benefits than coke has.
water will help ur losses, will help ur skin look lovely, keep you hydrated to reduce headaches (which coke zero will not! if anything ul get mroe of them)
Help u from getting constipated.

and im sure there are alot of other good uses,lol. I think you should stick to the water for a few weeks, then if u truley cant cope switch to coke zero, but only when youve given water a better chance!

each time u have water think of the lose ul have, i always had bigger loses with the more water i drank!

hope it all works out xx
Ditch the coke zero you really don't need it, total crappy drink!!! No benefits at all

This early into the diet your body is craving and needing water ..... Most natrual fluid around :)

Coke zero can stall your weight loss

All the best x
Morning i would speak to your cdc about this really, drinking coke may make you feel hungry on SS which is nothing you do not want, also spending money on cd each week and having smaller weight losses seems as if it will be a waste of money to me.


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I know it's tough but keep with any type of water..drink little and often and you'll be surprised how quick it amounts......Have you seen what happens when you put a coin in coke?..A litre of that on cambridge won't do you tum any good:eek:

maybe try a can as a treat when you drunk your water :D


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Hi - I was addicted to coke zero and had to kick it. I stopped drinking it for a while then decided I needed it again after xmas and my losses stopped and I started feeling hungry and it all went to hell.
:) Now I am back to just water, loving it and not missing the coke at all!
I was 25 stones too and now I have lost just over 5 and I feel wonderful and it's well worth the hardship of giving up the coke!
Go on - you can do it and we're all with you!
Agree with what's been said about it being another habit to break - I loved Pepsi Max (citric acid though) and had to give it up, now when I have a drink I only want a small amount as I can taste the 'crap' in it.
I would do this: Keep on with it and gradually wean yourself off, replacing a small amount each week/day with water. As Mrs Essex says, your body needs water but the message sometimes gets lost under all the addictive things/ nice tastes in soft drinks.
keep a bottle fo water with you and sip it if you drive or travel anywhere. I can now do a litre in a half hour journey (hoping that I don't hit a traffic jam if I need a wee)
I completely understand your predicament but I think that if you really want to do the diet you need to do it properly and unfortunately that means no coke zero. It is hard especially if you find drinking water difficult but it is just something you have to do - and if you can can get on and drink it you will be surprised at how quickly it becomes a habit and this will stay with you and help you in the future - plus I honestly believe it is the water drinking which helps with the great feeling of well being. If you can get 1litre down by midday then your well on your way. Also try mint teas they are a good way of getting extra water down - you could also try adding more water to your shakes/soups again you'll be surprised at how it all adds up and in fact its not a lot of water to drink - the amount specified to drink on this diet is what we should all be having everday - diet or no diet.
I have had coke zero in the past on this diet but it has never been more than 1 can per week. A litre of coke is alot to be having in one day anyway and something that you really should try to kick - it is not a healthy habit. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I think health wise it is not good for you.


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I know it's probably controversial but in my own experience, I had a can of Coke Zero almost everyday the first time round and it didn't affect my losses at all. I didn't experience any hunger, and it didn't make me want to eat. It was just a nice change. However, I didn't have it as a water replacement, it was a treat to have once I'd had all my daily water (which was usually 3 - 4l).

BUT everyone is different and everyone has different experiences on this diet. I would never consider drinking a litre of Coke, mostly because I'm too precious and paranoid about what it'll do to my teeth!!! I think that much Coke in one day is unhealthy and part of doing CD is to try and re-educate your brain too. Sorry if that sounds a bit preachy, because this diet is hard enough as it is, I'd just hate to see someone failing because of something fundamental.

Good luck with whatever you decide. xxx


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keep a bottle fo water with you and sip it if you drive or travel anywhere. I can now do a litre in a half hour journey (hoping that I don't hit a traffic jam if I need a wee)
I do the same thing for my journey's to and from work, it's the perfect way to get a couple of litres down my neck without really noticing it. xx


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My ten pence worth coming right up -
Coke (and other fizzy drinks) have no benefits at all, water is deffo the way ahead. Steer clear of them.

The first time round I struggled to drink my quota and used the 'sports cap' evian/volvic 750ml bottles to drink my way through the day - I'd fill up 4 in the morning and know that I had to drink them all by the evening (I added extra water to my shakes too). It also had to be ice cold from the fridge.
This time round, I don't like it ice cold and I prefer to drink it from a glass. I have 2 x 1.5 litre bottles of water and take one to work for my 'morning' quota and one at home for my afternoon quota. I suppose I am lucky because I don't mind water, but my experience shows that every journey is different, even for the same person! Experiment with how you drink it and you might find a way to help.


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I'm with surf hunny on this one. i still drink coke zero and pepsi max and it hasn't effected my losses at all on average losing 5lbs a week BUT it isn't in the guidelines and if you do find that it makes you feel hungry or crave normal food then don't do it! everyone is different, some people can only have a certain number of bars a week and it affects their losses and that something that is on the plan. unfortunately it's trial & error, and willpower! fun huh!

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