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If I can make it through tonight...


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I will have done 2 whole weeks 100% SS.

I came home and went straight to the fridge and got out the cheese.

Then read the packet and worked out how much of it I could eat to equal 400 calories (as I have missed my packs AGAIN today). It turns out it is 100g of cheese which is feck all so I'd rather force myself to have the packs.

I have decided to get tetras next week to take to work as clearly taking shake packs with me is not working!
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100% all the way!
Guru.....Can I change your title?

It should be WHEN I make it through tonight! xxx


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Oh aye it should. Actually it will definitely be when, not if, as the only food in the house is the cheese and a tin of custard and I am not ruining my 100% for either of those! It would have to be something far more spectacular! :D


can see the end in sight!
have your packs!! Can't be stressed enough! I missed a few packs last week and I can defo notice it on the scales, and I feel weak and shaky. You must must have them, good idea with the tetras. X


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well done - and keep going!!

(And tetras are the way to go, shove them in your bag and have whenever - in fact I've had them in front of people at work and people just assume it's a chocolate milkshake or something! They are much much easier!

Chocolate are really lovely, banana are nice but the strawberry ones are ick..)


One Day at a Time
I had the strawberry one for the first time today (I'm finally returning). I actually quite liked it - way better than the powder version. Choc Velvet still win though. :cool:

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