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if I have to - diet coke or coke zero?


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Hi Gorgeous Broxi!! From what I've read on here, Coke Zero seems to be the best option although the official booklet thingy doesnt mention it. Opinion seems to be a bit divided doesnt it? Apparently, diet coke has citrus in it which kicks you out of ketosis but zero doesnt. I'm a bit confused myself about it!!!!! xxx


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Diet Coke contains citric acid which has been proven to knock people out of ketosis. Coke Zero contains malic acid which is ok it seems. Cambridge used to include Coke Zero in the official book thing, but it seemed some people were very sensitive to it and still got knocked out of ketosis. I personally seem to be fine with it, I suggest you have a glass, and see how it affects you.



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And see if you still like it...I was a diet coke/pepsi/zero/max addict before CD-was craving it one day so bought a coke zero, took one sip...and hated it.Tried one more sip just in case but still hated it-not had any since and definitely not craving it now.
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I'm not sure exactly why but there is a strong correlation between diet coke and obesity. It is not understood why I don't think and I think it maybe true to other carbonated drinks but a lot of people appear to develop something of an addiction to diet coke. I'm sure if you can stop at one then it shouldn't be a problem. I don't know whether it is a chemical reaction or whether it increases cravings. In the NHS I see a lot of obese people and also lots of anorexic people.
Just food for thought - it made me decide to ditch the coke and replace with water.
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Its also worth considering the health impact of consuming a lot of nutrisweet which has been shown to be neuro toxic (in rats I believe) and has been banned in many other countries.

Sorry I am full of doom and gloom!! :(

no mercy

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i have coke zero once in a while - but i know from when i did cd before and when it was allowed, that it doesnt knock me out of ketosis.... to be honest I have it more as an occasional treat and do make sure I drink lots of water with it just in case :)


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Oh I was definitely addicted to diet coke-I used to drink over 2 litres a day.
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i had 1 coke zero a day whilst on hols and 1 sparkling water a day, 1 costa coffee and 3 litres of water with flavoring, the coke zero did leave me feeling bloated though. xxx


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I sure used to be a diet coke/coke zero addict as well, up to 2 liters a day. Now I don't miss it at all! It feels great and I feel free of the addiction. I sure don't want to go back to drinking that much, and spend a lot of money on something that isn't good for me at all.

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