If I scream.................


Gone fishing
...............ignore me.

It's just that I know it's the 'big' spider season and there is one in this room somewhere.

Son is asleep upstairs and DH is at work.

I just can't bring myself to kill them, so I'll scream.

Just wanted to warn you incase you wondered where the noise was coming from.
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Gone fishing
Ye gahds DQ :(

I believe it's the males that come out looking for the females.

The females are probably in my bed.


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Is it a Leggy Brenda or a Hairy Jeremy?

chicken on a mission

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We have a ruddy family of them that trek across the carpet every evening - UGH!!!! :eek:

You should put in an obsticle course for them one evening as a bit of entertainment, you know like they do for squirrels :D


I gather they are bigger and hairier this year because it has been so hot (distant memory :rolleyes: ) but it is the Daddy-Long-Legs I hate....all that flitting and fluttering about you aaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I must confess that when OH isn't around to deal with a spider, I have hoovered them up with the hoover attachment. And then dropped the attachment and run off shrieking.


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Hahahaahah - am larfing my bazookas off yet feel all shivery and yukky at the same time just thinking about the pesky things!!

Yes - spiders are deffo bigger this year cos of the heat - it was on GMTV so it must be true lol.

And the blurkie said that our phobias to them are totally natural cos of our survival instinct - which makes me feel a bit better! I'm so bad with them that I can't even look at the spider crabs in the bluddy aquarium!!!

I once lived in a basement bedsit and was asleep on the bed one day. When I opened my eyes, a MASSIVE spider was sitting on my shoulder, watching me!!!

I freaked and bounced off the ceiling! Managed eventually to get the monster with hairspray - it was the only thing I could find in my panic!

I hated that bedsit! In the shower room soon afterwards, I found a big, fat black fecker who was very, very still. It stayed there for ages - I crept on tiptoes around it, frightened to breathe in case I woke it up - until I finally couldn't bear it anymore.

I stealthily approached it like Steve Irwin, with a coathanger in one hand and a saucepan in the other, and gently nudged it with the coathanger so that when it scuttled off, I could catch it in the saucepan and lob it out the window.

It exploded!!!!!

I was GIPPING as I had to clean up the mess! What was all THAT about???!?!?!??!?!?!?



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OOh I never thought of that lol - I wondered why my hair was standing on end and my face covered with soot!

I rather think the spider must have been dead for some time - ugh!


Gone fishing
No Brad. Only white meat on 1,000 cals isn't it, and you have to take the skin off first (though is sounds like Isobel had already done that:D )


Gone fishing
Ahhh...really know the answer to this one :)

If you are vomitting it might be the high concentration of vitamins and minerals in one go.

Best to space it out. Perhaps 1 leg at a time...(or 2 if you need a bit of a binge!)

Of course, there are people that eat the whole lot in one sitting....the true bingers. I always advise them to stop between each leg and ask themselves "do they really need another....are they really hungry....or is it just the mind playing tricks"

I really did ought to become a CDC with the knowlege I possess about these things :rolleyes:


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Am off to london zoo to do their program about spiders - they are the bain of my existance...little do they know...