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  1. susysu

    susysu Full Member

    Hey guys.

    This is prob my 4th diary over the years but I'm determined it will be the last.

    Started and restarted many times over the last couple of years. Each failure has seen me get a little bigger each time and today I find myself at 16 stone 5 lbs. Saw pics of myself the other day and can't hide from the fact that I am so wide! I could cope with the tummy out the front but the width of me has made me say enough!

    I am a pig. Once i start eating i cant stop im either v v good or v v bad.I have a couple of mini targets along the way. 8 weeks tomorrow I go on holiday. Came back from the same place in Spain 2 weeks ago. We have friends that live there and I would love to go out again and have them all say on god you've lost weight.

    2nd target is to lose a considerable amount by Nov. For the last 2 years I have applied for my dream job as cabin crew. Seems ridiculous I know, me cabin crew. It takes so much guts to walk into the assessment rooms with all the skinny Minnies but I make myself do it. Why don't I lose the weight first! I normally get down to 15 Stone by interviews which is not low enough. However I always do really well on the day, get thru to the final stages and when they only take a couple on its never me. I can't blame them, I wouldn't take on someone who wouldn't do the uniform justice so if I want it bad enough this year I need to sort the weight out.

    I hope you will all help me on my journey and if there's anything i can do for you just ask

    And thank you to bob123 for encouraging me to take this step
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Yay!! Well done you!! You can do it, and as I've said, everyone here will help you along! Just take it one day at a time :)
  4. Missmoss

    Missmoss Full Member

    Hello there, just wanted to say all the best to you!! We are the same starting weight. I too have started failed and restarted countless times over the years. I restarted yesterday (again! Lol) all the best!!! Let's do this for the LAST time!!! Xx
  5. susysu

    susysu Full Member

    Thanks bob123, prob wouldnt have started today without talking to you

    Hi Missmoss

    definitely lets do this together.

    i will be doing this with coke zero's and the odd cup of tea with skimmed milk. i know you're not supposed to, but it's the only chance i have to stick to it. Water will be very hard too, I will really have to push myself to do it

    have just texted sister in law to go for a long dog walk so hopefully will get thru today ok

    hows you doing? its your day 2 isnt it
  6. susysu

    susysu Full Member

    Day 1 over, 3 shakes, no water ( i know rubbish, ill get on it tomorrow promise). 2 coke zeros and 4 cups of tea! and an hour walk with the dog, not brilliant with the drinking i know, but better than nothing

    off to bed, bring on day 2. feeling optimistic, feeling that i really could do it this time, no , change that, I am going to do it this time :)
  7. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Yay! You will do it this time! I know it.

    But naughty on the water front, deffo try to drink it - I certainly notice a difference if I've not been drinking enough water! :)
  8. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Well done on day 1! You will do it this time I can feel it :)

    Naughty on the water intake though, you really should try - fill up bottles then put them in the fridge - it's always nicer cold and you know exactly how much you've been drinking - I deffo notice a smaller loss when I've not been drinking enough so get it down ya! :)
  9. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Lol, stupid phone, it always says my messages fail then retype then both appear!! I look like I'm losing my mind but I'm not really... Honest!! ;-)
  10. susysu

    susysu Full Member

    Thank you. 3 litres tomorrow I promise

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  11. Missmoss

    Missmoss Full Member

    Well done on day 1!!!! These first few days are the hardest but so worth it once you get on those scales. I'm with you on needing to drink more today, I always fill some bottles and put them in the fridge the night before, much easier to drink ice cold. I'm normally ok with my water intake but been out and about so keep forgetting. Have you done vlcd before? Wishing you an easy day 2!! Keep going xxx
  12. susysu

    susysu Full Member


    Yes I've done exact a few times but my longest ts was 7 days. I lost 13 lbs but started eating again on day 8!! No logic I know

    Feeling positive today so fingers crossed for a good day 2

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  13. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    How are you doing Susiesu? Willing you on past your 7 day hump this time around :)
  14. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi I'm just subscribing to your diary - how's today been for you? I love that you keep on trying for cabin crew, you stick to your dreams and one day...... :)
  15. coffeemate

    coffeemate Full Member

    Welcome susiesu! How are you finding day 3? D3 was the hardest for me, I couldn't imagine getting through the next hour let alone the next week or month. Just focus on the here and now, getting through this moment and it'll pass, promise!

    We're rooting for you!
  16. Sleek_Chick

    Sleek_Chick Full Member

    How is it going, Susy?! Hope you are well! x
  17. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Hey susysu! How r you getting on lovely?

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