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If only for smaller boobs!

Hi, I am a returning cambridge dieter. I lost 3 stone back in 2006 as i didn't want to be fat and forty. A few pounds have crept back on. I have sufered for years with a large chest and all the time I lost weight nothing came off my boobs. My doctor has referred me to a plastic surgeon for reduction surgery but have to have a BMI of 27. I'm at that point now but need some extra motivation to keep going so that the surgeon has no reason to say he won't do the op. :cry:
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You are very brave going for the op, best of luck to you.

Welcome back onto the diet, I just re started yesterday and am doing okay so far. You know yourself that if you stick to it you will achieve that bmi in no time :D

Good luck!
Welcome back and what great motivation!

Good luck, I see you are from my neck of the woods.


did you have your op on the NHS ro did you go private. I only ask because apparantly I had to meet certain criteria for the NHS, which my Gp says I do. the only thing that worries me is that one of the criteria was : they have to remove 500g or more from each boob. That would make my boobs half the size of what they are now. How big were yours and how much did you have them reduced by. I'm wondering whethering half of what I have is a bit drastic, although they do cause me pain.

hi porgeous

You look great, how long did it take you lose your weight? Do you find it difficult to keep it off? Once I lost made the mistake of eating stuff I shouldn't then found it hard to get back on track.

I'm from mid beds, near to Biggleswade.
Oh yes I know Biggleswade! I did it on CD hun, took about 6 months, been maintaining for 6 months and so far no problems xxx
Yes I did get it done on the NHS, I was a 36J and went down to a C. In total I had around 7lbs removed.

Funny thing is I am a stone lighter now and am a D.

When I had it done I thought it would be the answer to all my weight problems, it wasn't. All the excersize I promised myself I would do, I didn't:( and ended up at 15st 9lbs, I am now 12st 8lbs after only 13 weeks on CD:)

It is a really big operation and I would give it a great deal of thought before deciding.

Like I said it was the best decision I ever made and the relief of no longer being in pain is brilliant.
I had mine done on the NHS 7 years ago and went from a G to a D. Best thing I've ever done to be honest.
I was just under 12st when I had mine done which I think put me at about BMI 27 but my weight was never mentioned as a reason I couldn't have the op so that must either be a new thing or a regional one.
It's a great reason to stick with CD hun and you've now got a couple of us if you have any questions about the op.
Thanks girls for the support. I am starting to feel a bit more motivated now.
How long were you on the waiting list. My first appointment is on 8th September with the consultant. I know each area is different, but are we talking months or years. My doc says surgeons don't class this as emergency surgery only cosmetic so feel I'm in for a long wait!
I was told 18 months at the start but I had it done in 6 months. Most of the NHS surgeons that do the reduction ops do breast cancer work normally and you tend to find they fit in the reductions around that. I got mine done so quickly because they had a couple of days with no cancer ops scheduled so they fitted in as many reduction ops as possible. The only problem with them doing it this way is you tend to find out at the last minute that they have time for you, I found out they had time to do mine 2 days before it actually happened.
I had a breast reduction back in 1997 and it was definitely worth it. I didn't find it painful or anything....I think I was so prepared for the op (as I'd had massive tats for like ever!!!!) so when I had the op I had no pain and it was fantastic. What a difference to my it made..well and truly......good luck x
I had to be refered to a surgeon, 8 weeks wait for appt. Once I had been seen he had to write back to docs to say he would do it if my pct would fund it.

Approval for funding took 3 months to come through and the I waited for a further 6 months.

My surgeon worked in a different health authority to me, hence all the palaver.

The only thing was my op date got cancelled 3 times, but when I considered it was only being cancelled for emergency ops for breast cancer patients my initial dissapointment went away.

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