If only I didn't have a sweet tooth I would be a size 6 not 16 !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Luciiiloo, 12 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Hi I am starting yet again at 13.3 this morning, haven't started on diet yet going to finish off all bad food in cupboard and start next week but one positive thing is that finally I have started exercising. Been cycling twice now, did 13 miles at weekend and another 16 miles today. It was tough but getting there, before the cycling I did two or three weeks of jogging. None of it is easy but hopefully will have some benefit.
    One thing I started doing was having massive portions, so I have cut my portion size down and ALL I have left to do is drop the goodies. But I am literally addicted to sugar. I love crisps, sweets and chocolate !!!!!!! Today I had malt loaf for breakfast and lunch oh and two small cookies and a few crisps and for dinner I had chicken, brown rice and ratatouie but then gave in to the damn goodie cupboard to crisps and chocolate !!!!!! How do you get rid of the sugar cravings xxx[/QUOTE]
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  3. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Ok so woke up and due to eating so much sugar yesterday even though I did a mammoth cycle ride I stayed the same weight.....annoying, chucked out the dairy milk in cupboard had a bit of malt loaf with minimal butter and cuppa tea for breakfast and off shopping for the day with a positive head on. Hopefully will get back in time to go swimming but not sure .......
  4. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    I'm not surprised to be honest because you are starving yourself all day hun! Then it comes to evening and you are so hungry that you must be desperate. Why are you being so restrictive at breakfast and lunch? Perhaps you need to look at an organised weight loss programme like Slimming World or Weight Watcher. I eat every two or three hours across the day with large portions at mealtime. I fill up on pasta, rice, lentils, pulses, grain, fruit and vegetables then don't feel the need to eat loads of biscuits, chocolates and crisps. I get a daily allowance that I can use for things like that which means I can still continue to enjoy them but just in a limited amount x
  5. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    I do know what you mean but I don't have a huge appetite but I realise today that I think I forget about the fact I am on a diet and eat biscuits etc out of habit........ For example just went to my aunts house and she put a tin of M&S biscuits on the table and before I knew it I had had two......then I thought damn it I not meant to have them!!!!!!!! I just wish there was a tablet that genuinely stopped sugar cravings without making you feel like your head is spinning xxxx
  6. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    So still weighing the same but today I am going to use my fitness pal app.......who knows xxxx
  7. twiglets84

    twiglets84 Full Member

    I know what u mean about sugar addiction, I sometimes feel I'm addicted when I let myself go...I go mad for chocolate. Exercise alone will not help u loose weight it must be alongside eating well.

    If you think you genuinely have a problem with sugar addiction then look up Zoe harcombe, she's done a fab book called stop counting calories and start losing weight. There is a 5 day plan that rids u of cravings and it did work for me.

    Also, there is a hell of a lot of sugar in maltloaf so be careful!

  8. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Really I am going to go on amazon and buy book now, been really good all day but did go cinema date tonight and have a cheeky red wine and shared a small popcorn !!!! Whoops !!! At least I didn't have chocolate though and also did a 35 minute bike ride before I went x
  9. Starski

    Starski Member

    Sugar is my weakness too... It really is addictive, specially when you find out its in all sorts of other stuff too like white bread, most to all refined products, take out pizza, packet sauces, 'healthy' cereal (special K is more sugary than the chocolate ones!)... There is no escaping it unless you are really careful. It's the killer, isn't it.
  10. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    I knows it in everything - I started slimming world today to see if that keeps me on track but now I am just hungry as I am on a 'diet' !!!!! grrrrr. Scary what you say about the Special K bar !!!!
  11. Highhopes22

    Highhopes22 Member

    Hi, been reading your thread, bless you it's really hard isn't it?
    But you are doing well with your exercises, which I am not.........
    i joined slimming world last July up to beginning of January this year I started at 13st 13 lbs ..I got down to 11 st 7 lbs by Christmas week!
    I was so pleased, I lost weight on tummy, hips, face, my shoe size went down too!...But, I wanted to loose weight off my bust, but no I stayed the same size grrrr......!
    I left slimming world by January 10 th, due to weather and dark as it was evening class, my job got in the way too, my daughter was going through I.v.f so I was busy juggling her back and forth to Cambridge !
    so I gave up, but believed I could do it myself....but lol.no .. Since January to now I have gained 15 lbs!
    i am now ready to get back on, which brings me to sweet tooth..so have I !
    I found sugar free jelly, meringue, and the faithful canderal in recipes helped me a lot at slimming world.
    i have started back on slimming world at home with my books and all my recipes.
    i ate more on slimming world than I did normally and lost weight.
    greek no fat yoghurt is brillant you can get it at Asda reasonable, less calories than no fat yoghurt.
    add canderal some fruit it's all free eat as much as you like. :)
  12. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Highhopes22 thanks such a positive response my goodness you did well, I have been loosely following SW diet recently but will follow it far more strictly when I get back from holiday on 13th September x

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