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If u mess up or have a flexi syn day is that it?

I've taken my step-daughter out for the day for her birthday. I had a 6 inch sub with teryaki chicken, cheese and sw sauce. A pasta meal in Pizza Hut & (oops :() a big bag of maltesers in the cinema; is that it, have I runied my chance of losing lbs this week??????

Has anyone else had a flexi-syn day and still lost?
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To be honest I haven't a clue whether you can still lose or not all I can say is just get back on plan....If you don't then you will gain this week so just do your best....draw a line under it and what will be will be.

Get back on now....not tomorrow ;) xx
I know people who have had off-days but then just carried on as normal for the rest of the week and still lost at WI. Obviously not usually as much as if you'd been 100% all week, but it can happen.

Just don't dwell on it, no one can bee 100% good 100% of the time, it's just not realistic. And don't do the old classic "Oh well, I've screwed up today, may aswell continue to pig out and get back on plan tomorrow". Make sure you stay on-plan for the rest of the night and carry on as normal tomorrow. And hopefully you might sneak in that little loss. Or at the very least stay the same.

Good luck :) And don't give up hope! :hug99:
Honestly, I wouldnt want to say that 'yeah have some superspeed food over the next few days and you could lose' (although, obviously it would help even as damage limitation exercise). All I can say is that no matter what the result is on weigh day, it is only a result on ONE weigh day, and to get to target there will be many more of those, lots good, a few bad and some indifferent. If its a gain take the result on the chin and draw a line under it, and if you lose, well happy days :D
No, that's me. Not having anything unless it's syn free (to be honest not in the mood for ANYTHING just now) and I'm back on it tomorrow. Wouldn't have bn "off" it today if it wasn't the wee ones' 8th birthday and her choice of where we went. Couldn't let her eat alone.........ok, i didn't need to maltesers but i couldn't resist!

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