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I am thinking this now! What a savior!
Im thinking of eating a mince pie and some chocolate buttons :( argh! Usually I am SO good!


I'm a greedy pig
ok that is not a bad idea.i am so greedy. right now i am craving the taste of a chicken satay and chips...why i dont know...i wouldn't mind i am not even hungry and ate a 3 egg omlette, fruit and terry chocolate orange mc flurry for desert

am dreading my weigh in later
hi stupid i hope ur weigh in goes ok i am hoping this thread keeps us on the straight and narrow :)


A happy downward spiral
I would quite happily binge on anything right now.
Having a crappy time of it on the diet at the minute.
Cant get my head back in the game after no weigh in last week. =/


Just doing it this time
wish I'd seen this post before I binged on kentucky and choc cake and custard tonight - I feel ill.
Also wish i had seen this earlier! Wasn't hungry at all but had 2 mugshots, a curly wurly and about 6 miniature hero's. I know the mugshots are free but that was almost 600 calories that i didn't need! Nevermind the chocs :(

Could have been worse i suppose. I have come on here to stop me gobbling more :eek:
I too wish I'd seen this last night...I had 2 packets of disco's, bombay mix and pretzels...oh well, today is another day and I shall remember to find this thread during any further moments of weakness :)
hi guys just draw a line under it and start afresh at least u know its here if ur tempted again :)
What a great post. xx

Last night I had my normal Tuesday post WI indulgence. When I went to bed I felt very sick, and still did this morning. I'm not doing it again.
Ooohhh, I also wish I'd seen this last night before I blew 65 syns on wine and Amaretto! Oh well, I'll try to level things out over the week. 40 syns left until Tuesday...should be fine if I have an alcohol free weekend. I think having a fab weigh-in on Monday made me feel like I could get away with indulging (I don't usually drink during the week, and, in fact, I don't usually drink that much at the weekend! Not sure where my party mood came from!). Why do some of us overindulge after a good weigh-in? It seems so silly as I assumed that kind of thing would motivate me to keep on track. Oh well, it's done now. I'll definitely keep the syns low for the rest if the week and hopefully I'll be fine be weigh-in day!
This is a really good idea for a thread!

I'm feeling like bingeing because I feel down today. I could easily just sit and pick all day. I'm not hungry, I just want something to put in my mouth for some reason, and its really hard to resist. :(
hi guys doesn't it make u mad u have a blow out then have to spend the next few days going synless to make up for it and why do we usually stop at the feeling sick point, there's something in our heads that triggers it, haven't got a clue what it is tho lol, i am going to try very hard to be 100% this week good luck to u all x
Emma, I know where you are coming from so much.

Binged last night and didn't even taste half of it. Today someone gave us a bun (or three) and a cookie (or three!) and now I am home and wondering whether to carry on or be good.... seeing as I have not a lot of money I might veer to the bee good! If only I had fruit to nibble on. Might need to make myself a low syned veggie curry tonight. No syns might be better but far less tasty. So its damage limitation.

Thanks for this space to get my feelings straight. Veggie curry it is. I do NOT NEED any more chocolate. That what comes of missing breakfast!


Line drawn.

I am looking at a mince pie. Its looking back at me. Since no one else in my family like them its either eat it or bin it. Right - off to bin it and go and make an early tea to take off the craving...scallops, pea puree and mash...mmm....
i have been known to throw stuff in the bin then get it out later so i have to pour something over it or completly trash it so it's in- edible lol :eek:

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