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If you cheat. . Which food do you go for.. ?


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Lol . Yeah Chinese is great . Trouble is since eating healthier it always unsettles my tummy for days. Where as good old Dairy Milk , well we have a special kinda relationship. :) x

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kasiapelasia said:
cheese! all kinds all smells! any cheese, love my cheese, can you tell? haha
Hahahahaha thanks for the laugh
Wow..all of those...deffinately chocolate..and my hubby's trying to convince me to get a chinese tonight..haven't caved for the cheese yet but making hubby dinner he wanted cheese on it and I almost did..Yay me for not doing it tho. Lol.
Lol that's truue..He'd just gotten home from work though and was starving..had to clean up so I agreed to make him his..He had what I had..which was quorn mince wraps with some salad...he just wanted cheese to make it more fatty...Lol. Oh well. He's horrible really..brings me chocolate every day..Damn him!! But luckily..I've been really good with will power and that bars are adding up in the kitchen!! :D


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I try to go for something that I normally wouldn't eat but is at least fat free, or has whole grain, or something... but it usually has a fair amount of sugar. :p For example, a chocolate Fiber One bar or my husband's Just Bunches.
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Chocolate would have to be my go to food for cheating! I have a drawer full of the stuff haha. Everyone thought it would make a great xmas present :sigh: Haha. But chinese is up there as well :)


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Deep pan veggie pizzas with bbq dip, Chinese takeout and chocolate are my favourite naughty foods.

I mentioned in another thread about this, but I've got this constant back-of-the-mind craving for a nice moist piece of chocolate cake, even though it's not even something I often had before getting on the SW plan.

Oh and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, God I'm going to miss that!

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