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If you could have 3 questions answered...


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We need to have some fun to keep us busy and occupied. If you guys get any ideas like this please post so we can take part.

If you could have 3 questions answered what would they be?

Mine are...

1) What came first, the chicken or the egg? Someone needs to put a stop to this hahahah.
2) What happens when you die?
3) Will I have children?
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Great thread babes!!

Mine would be:

1) Will I find love?
2) Will I have a family?
3) Why do people do such terrible things to each other



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Brilliant thread Jesi!!!

1) Where is maddy McCann and Ben Needham?
2) What is my calling in life?
3) Will I pass my degree?

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great thread! Put a grin on my face so thats a thumbs up right there! :D

Mine would be:

1.) When will this recession end?/whn will i get a job that pays the rent?
2.) Who will I marry?
3.) Will I ever reach my dream?
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Hmm, if i could ask a crystal ball 3 questions, they would be

1) will i ever have children?
2) will i ever get the job of my dreams?
3) what will i be like when i'm 60?


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mine are

1 - will me and my kids be happy and healthy

2 - when will i meet mr right

3 - what are the numbers for saturdays lottery x

oh and 1 more

what date should i marry Jamie Archer lol x
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Great Idea

1. When will I be able to but a house?
2. Will I be able to have another baby?
3. Will I ever come off steroids and have improved asthma?
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hi Jesi

In order to keep myself busy.. I'll give you a very quick reading... I normally do medium reads but I'll give you a quick angel card reading...

1. Chicken and Egg.. eh ill leave that one thanks...

2. What happens when you die...

well you are met on the other side by your soul group... usually family, friends etc.. and have a big party... you will go for your life review.. (go through your life and see where you did good and bad...) and continue on with your journey.. (earth is a harsh playground said to be where you live out your life lessons...) all pain will no longer exist.. and you will shed your earthly body... so withoooooo! no more being fat!!!

3. Yes I feel you will have children.. it may be a struggle but not as much as you think it will be... you are been looked after by some amazing people.. I dont think children will be an obstacle for you, although you may have other obstacles ...

You are on the right path and you are in the process of building a strong base.. (in all areas)

You need to get in touch with your feelings.. allow yourself to truly feel...You need to confront a situation you have been avoiding.. by healing you can truly move onto the next phase of your journey...

Withoo... there are good times ahead.. you may come into money soon...

Keep going the strongest message I am getting, you are where you are meant to be :O)


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Thanks TobeaSkinnyme that was an interesting read. I am glad to hear that I will be having children. Also I do feel that I am at the place I need to be, it was a struggle to find the right person and settle down but I did do it and I am very happy. That money you mentioned would be great as I want to open a restaurant :)

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