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if you could


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I would not go forward in time to see how i die (i think thats the question :)), i like a little bit of mystery to my future.

If i could go back in the past i would like to go and meet myself when i was a kid, have her tell me that life isn't that hard and difficult. That everything will turn out okay, a childs perspective can have some positive influence :D.

Ehm if i could change something, i think i would change my education. Not that i am sorry of what i did, but i have just decided i would love to do something diff and that what i am doing now is just not something i want to do the rest of my life.


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I would like to go back in time and meet my grandparents in their younger days as they're all no longer with us. I didn't know either of my grandfathers as they both died when I was very young and I would love to get to know them and also to find out what my grandmothers were like in their younger days.
I definitely wouldn't want to go forward to my death. Would hate to start counting the days until D-day!
Would like to change the fact that I spent far too long hung up on one person and wasted way too many years (20+) wanting him to want me in the same way. I'd change it so that I'd never met him and then maybe I would've found someone else much nicer and have a family of my own.
Having said all of that, I'm actually quite happy with my life just the way it is and all the above has made me the person I am today, so maybe it's a good thing that we can't see into the future or go back to the past!


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Very deep and probing questions, Megan!

I wouldn't like to see how i die... that's v. depressing!

I'd go back and meet my big sister - she died when she was 12 and i was nearly 5, and I have no recollection of her whatsoever... i think the trauma of her illness and dying has blocked all my memories of her.

I would maybe keep in touch with more of my friends... if i could change anything. But i'm ok about most things.


please try again
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i would go back in time and meet bob marley
no i wouldnt want to know how i die, that would give me a mental breakdown im sure
if i could go back in time to change one thing i would go to uni straight from collage, always wanted to be a peadiatric nurse, could have been qualified years by now