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if you fall of the wagon what next???

maxine uk

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S: 17st13lb
i thought it would be good to start a thread for anyone needing that little extra reminder of why you started sw in the 1st place..
so if you have fallen off the wagon or just lost your way, this might be the place to get some advice

myself i fell off and was run over severeral times as the wagon run over me, and i needed that hand (and still do)
so what are your stress times and what can we all do to help each other
ideas or passengers welcome
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Omg yes, always falling off :D
My leg back up is to write a food diary and if that fails i go back to planning all my meals for the day - usually keeps me on the straight and narrow :)


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I have 'allowed' periods where the wagon pulls over and stops for a rest. I get off, stretch my legs, over-indulge in the local inn, and then hop back on. Invariably the next leg of the journey is always much harder, but I keep telling myself it was just a pit stop, and to get back on and stick with it until the next pit stop. I find that mentally telling myself that these are allowed I can usually keep going until the next break. Hopefully the breaks will get further and further apart.

When I'm in a rut I look back over my food diary and find the week where I did well and lost more than average, and remind myself that the meals that week were really yummy and something I can do again (and there were two pit stops in that week!). So as SusieBees says, keeping a diary is extremely useful!


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S: 14st1lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 1st6lb(10.15%)
I have jumped off the wagon for about 10 days now and after managing to maintain I vow to be back on from today. I have brought my lunches for the week and when temptation comes knocking which it will, I will take a few moments to remind myself why I started SW in the first place, look how far I have come and how far I have got to go :)


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i seem to be off the wagon more on my days off from work (am part time) but i DO know i need to plan plan plan as when i fail to do that i start to graze a lot...off wagon on friday, then sat and was doing good til last night..hopeless but back on it today though when i do fall off it makes me want to skip class as i dont want to pay the money to be told i have put on - good lcuk

Pudgy Panda

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i am just taking off from the pit stop of 2 weeks off, had work interviews, anniversary and hubby birthday weekend away so i knew i would be taking a brake for a while. I always planned to go back on, and here i am today back on track 100% - its bloody hard but i have to loose the 2 i have put on quickly so i dont wanna give up.

i do think we need these pit stops to remind our bodies how crappy it makes us feel


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Im on holiday from work this week. It was a year to the day me and my boyfriend got together this weekend, Ive has cinema pop corn, maccys, ice cream, harvester and tiger bread :-/ eek. I knew I would be off plan for a few days at least and I had accepted that.

However I have really found im suffering for it! My heads been killing me since last night and I have no energy again! Have just done tesco online and im going to have a go at making flap jack. Ive found some non sw recipes that work out quite low syns and going to make some food to freeze so I can re-heat after work.

Its so so easy to fall back into bad habbits, but im more shocked at how rubbish I feel. I know it wont be the last time but its taught me that im enjoying sw and I am feeling better for following it! Ive also noticed im going off chocolate!!! Never thought that would happen!!!!!

maxine uk

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S: 17st13lb
it seems like the wagon needs a few more seats at the back,,,,, i know how hard it is to get back on any plan but i think the trick is to visulise what you really want and set mini mini goals and we will all get to the end one way or another
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I had a lot of time being dragged behind the wagon after falling off recently. Only managed to jump back on after making a for and against list where I admitted the things I didn't want to admit. Now each time I feel like I'm starting to slide off again I just think about or look at the list and it gives me the motivation to stop the slide.


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S: 17st2lb C: 13st9.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 3st6.5lb(20.21%)
keep a seat for me but I always try to remember that I am doing this for me, in the long term I can only get better. It took a while to go on so will take a while to come off.


Used to be fatter
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I fell off roundabout December.... Got back on in March.... Fell off in April, and am now 12lbs up from my lowest weight, but still 31lbs down overall.

I know I'm amongst friends who understand it when I say, it's really hard... I don't want to be the person who has to say no to the adhoc ice cream at the cricket, or my BFF's offer to celebrate the end of the week with buckets of wine... but I have to be, if I want to feel confident and happy about myself. Sad really, that we have to impose these rules to feel good about ourselves.

I'm trying the "one day at a time" theory right now, and once my birthday is out of the way next weekend, am going to do a monthly challenge I reckon.... sorry to be all miserable.

And it's a Monday - I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate MONDAYS :D
Thankyou for posting this. It's nice to hear that i'm not the only one who has bad days.

Had a bad weekend and am trying to get back on plan. Tried yesterday but failed miserabley. Ok today...so far.

I find it hard when i'm at home and theres tempting things everywhere. My brother lives on junk. Wish i could. The other day he showed me a really nice icecream that he knew i'd want. Not very supportive. My mum is really supportive but i find it sooo hard.

I try having little goals like my friends wedding next month. would love to loose a few more pounds before i go but know its going to be hard as there are lots of birthdays coming up, including mine.

Do people find group helps with things like these? i haven't been to group for a long time but wondering if i should go back??:confused:

Thats my little rant over. Am in work so better get on with some. lol. :flirt2:

S: 18st4lb C: 15st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2st8lb(14.06%)
Cuba I find group so supportive. If you go to a good one there will be loads of ideas other members can give you. Plus there is the competition of Slimmer of the Week/Month. I personally couldn't do SW without the group there behind me.

maxine uk

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S: 17st13lb
i think your right finding the right group with the right consultant is part of the battle, if your lucky enough to live in an area where there are several groups, go along and sit in on IT as long as you have weighed in at one group you can sit in on as mant IT sessions as you want...
i hope my members feel they get a good service from me xxx the groups i run are fun informative and in no way judgemental, and if my members go out holding there heads high i know ive done part of my commitment to them (and to me)

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