If you had to sell your diet ?

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by kandy, 26 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hi everyone ,
    As someone who needs to be re-enthused about this diet :rolleyes: i would be interested how you would "sell it " as a good way to lose weight, to people who had never heard of the diet so come on guys sell it to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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  3. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    i do this all the time now lol, for me cd is the easiest diet i have ever done, and i have done some in my 44yrs, ok there is a few days at the start when you feel ropey but hey no pain no gain lol, and yes its 33 quid a week, but if somebody told you they could take away weight for x amount of £`s per lb you would find a way to get that money and best of all for me anyway, im never hungry :)
  4. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Thanks CD thing ,

    Yes that was great i am hoping that this will re-affirm everything i loved about the diet before i violently threw myself off the wagon lol ! :eek: xxx
  5. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    ok well if none of that works i will show you a pic of my ass just over 2 months ago and then i will flash ya pic of it now , that is one miracle :D
  6. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    LMAO cdthing !!!
  7. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    An interesting idea for an ad campaign...... :eek:
  8. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    i volunteer my bum :D
  9. Mandana

    Mandana Full Member

  10. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

    Start Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Exante and exercise
    WOW am loving those pictures Mandana. That would sell it to me. :)

    Think i would have to say. My diet (CD) is a healthy quick way to a new and sexier me. It is hard and requires discipline but the rewards are fast and the compliments plentiful!!!!
  11. Libbie

    Libbie Silver Member

    Great pics Mandana
    I would and do say
    Cd is a healthy fast way to lose weight without needing to think of what to eat,I have found that cutting out food has made it easer.
    If it takes me a year to get to gaol then in is a year out of my life that will give me a healther happer and hopefully longer life.I am 55 and it has made me feel younger and more enagitic then I have felt in years and years and years.
    It is the best.
  12. KateF

    KateF Silver Member

    Amazing pictures Mandana-well done! (Your arms look so toned too- did you do weights?)-yep I'd be sold by that but if I was selling I'd say that I came to CD after doing 6 weeks on Slimfast and my own 1300 calorie diet- I feel less hungry now, more energetic, am enjoying what I'm consuming more and am much, much less likely to cheat. After plodding away for 6 weeks previously I've now lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks on CD and feel great!
  13. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    It's quick
    It's painless (after the first week)
    It's safe
    It's tasty
    It's 100% nutrition
    I'ts a life changing diet
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