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If you have been naughty and you know it clap your hands!

Well its official I am hopeless when I can't get to a group!
Am working full time during the summer holiday from uni but my job involves 24 hour sleepovers and have been covering some extra shifts on top of full time so have not managed to get to class for the past three weigh ins. Its become quite apparent that when I know I can't make class I am a bit more naughty! After first 5 weeks losing 13 pounds in the past three I have only lost 3! So please all feel free to give me the boot up the erse I need effective immediately! :cry:
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1lb at a time
Aww at least u have lost though! Every lb counts! I am dreading a gain on weds as have had 2 treat days lol but got 5days to b good now!


Now to maintain.....
This morning I ate a sausage roll & a few jelly sweets ;)
Now I'm back to good again with a chicken salad for lunch
(maybe this is why I have sts for a month!) ...........Clap Clap! x
Over the past three weeks you have only lost 3lbs? You know what they say, don't you? 1lb a week is normal!

I used to work a lot of shifts and unsocial hours as well as 'live in' work, and know how hard it can be to eat how you need during those times. I think you're doing brilliantly under the circumstances! :)
Just a suggestion kimmy but have you thought of going to a different group in your area when you can't get to yours? Might give you more motivation knowing you can't escape WI!
Thanks woodmouse.

Alot in my area all on wed night! Theres another on tuesday but have been at work that evening too. Will just need to reign myself in a wee bit!!
Extremely naughty!! But it's my Birthday, so I have an excuse right? :eek:


Full Member
Been good the last couple of days but I won't be tomorrow, it's my wedding anniversary so I won't be counting anything for 24hours from tomorrow lunch till Sunday lunch ;)
**clap clap**

Buuuuuuuut i have had a stomach bug and come on. Ive only been able to stomach toast n nt dne any exercise. Maybe im just making excuses!!!!

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