if you have had a blip or two.......please read.


well having lost 2and a half stone on cd from june 4th - july 24th i was very happy with myself. from july 25th - august 14th i have only half heartedly been doing cd. sometimes having shakes and sometime eating,,,and when i say eating i mean eeeeeeeeeaaaaaating. by this i mean really pigging out into the things that i missed so muych like chocolate and currys and chips and i dont just mean one at a time. well now i am ready to rock and roll again wiith cd and last nite i went back to my cdc after not having been for a month and i thought i would have put on about 10-11 lbs. i had however only put on 5lbs which i was so greatful for. i have now started again as of today on sole source and from now would like to lose 2 more stone to be very very happy. i think i got a little complacent with all the complements i was recieving but now i am ready to move on again.
i feel that i needed that time off to get it all out of my system, ie the things that i was missing so much. so if you really think you cant get over it and are disapointed with yourself DONT BE, one day you will wake up and be ready to go again. YOU HAVENT FAILED, YOU HAVE JUST HIT A BLIP. YOU WILL SOON BE READY TO FOCUS AGAIN. (even if its one month later like me.)

good luck everyone with your journeys
What a lovely post and a reminder to us all that all or nothing thinking is very destructive to our aims.

Please keep us posted as to your progress and good luck :D
It was great to read your post.
Great that you have started again
you sound so positive
Let us know how you are doing
can not wait to read more.
love and hugs libbie x
Fab post, Its so good to hear you are in the right frame of mind to go again and that it can be done.

well donr you