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If your having a green day?

I'd be interested in the answer to this question too...
You dont have to no, but it is always a good bet to have 5 a day etc etc.

so i can eat pasta choice, baked potato's and super noodles and hopefully still lose on tuesday? bit sceptical tho? x

in theory yes you can only eat these foods and have a loss, but its not a varied diet. Try getting some frozen veg in and stir a handful thru the pasta when it cooking? Salad on the side of the pot, and turn the noodle into a stir fry?
No 1/3 superfree is only for EE days:D

Oooohhh i didnt know that. i've only recently started (1st weigh in on wednesday) and im following Easy Extra but i hate salads etc so im trying hard to up my fruit and veg but finding it hard. i did wonder if it would slow down my losses. think i'll have a gander and do a green day tomorrow and see how i go :)
My green meals generally have 1/3 superfree without me thinking about it much. I chuck as much veg as I can in :D
I tend to find this as well, as you are staying away from meat products you find to use veg as a sub.. so with your pasta dishes instead of adding meat I would make a ratuolliou (bad spelling) or when having macaroni cheese having a side salad as well as the tomatoes, onions and mushrooms that are already in it. Green days are very simple to snack on as well.


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There is no "requirement" on green (or red) for superfree foods - but i try to make sure there are some in there (failed today though cos i just wanted stodge - baked suds and baked beans). - though there's an apple in the fridge for a bit later on.

The more superfree though the better - and i find ensuring i have some has helped with weight losses in the past.