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I'll give up - I know I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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:confused: Hi Chaps,

Went for weigh in last night (Monday) and lost 5 pounds - I was so disappointed (again). The LLC told me that I had to "be realistic".

Having looked at the stuff on this forum I see that some people don't lose anything some weeks and on other weeks lose 'only' 1, 2 or 3 pounds.

If I was ever not to lose weight one week or to lose as little as 1 or 2 pounds I think I'd throw in the towel and do something like Atkins or Scarsdale.

How is it possible not to lose weight on 500 calories a day? The average BMR for a woman is about 2,000 calories a day before she even starts - thats 14,000 calories expended each week on just existing. With only 3,500 (500 calories X 7 days) going in each week how is it possible not to lose weight? Are the sceptics right and is such a phenomenom evidence of a damaged metabolism and the body storing fat?

I hate weighing scales! If I didn't know what I weigh then I would just feel good about the fact that I look better. But knowing the awful truth in terms of pounds only makes me feel worse. No point in telling me not to ask the LLC what I weigh - I HAVE TO KNOW - because it is there to be known!!!

Confused and worried Fatpossum
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What what what?
How can you be disappointed with 5lbs? Thats ace! Im one of the slow losers, everyone is different though. :(


Busy busy busy!!
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On a VLCD the average weekly loss is about 3.5lb or one stone per month. So 5lb is GOOD!!! Well done!! What weight losses have you had other weeks?? How much are you looking to lose in total??

I use to lose 1 or 2lb one week, then make it up the following week and always did a stone a month.


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As Bev says, LL and CD both say that you'll lose an average of 1 stone per month so I can't understand why you're not happy with 5lb. 5lb is an excellent loss and I can't think of any other diet where you constantly get such good losses.

I think for your own peace of mind you need to have realistic expectations as to what this diet can do for you.

Yeah some people have bad weeks 'losing 1, 2 or 3 pounds', the weight loss tends to catch up with you (in a good way) I was upset with a 2 lb loss in week 4 then went to on lose 5lbs in week 5 and 6lbs in week 6. 13lbs in 3 weeks is not too bad me thinks :D Don't want to offend but it sounds like you want to give yourself an excuse (in advance of any slow week) to give up. It is a severe weight loss programme but if you follow it as directed you will lose at least a stone a month, there aren't many other diets that can offer that. Plus the added abstinence is a godsend for most people in that it takes food out of the equation and we're less likely to fall off the wagon.
Our bodies are strange and wonderful things, the weight will come off but maybe we all get too tied up with the numbers, I know I do. I'm reading a book (recommended by someone here I think - thanks) by Gillian Riley 'Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating' which recommends changing the focus of weight loss to acknowledging how becoming healthier thru weight loss will help you. For me its things like avoiding getting Type 2 diabetes (parents have it) lowering my risk of breast cancer (sister age 41 is being treated for it), lengthening my life expectancy etc. I've always focused on the actual weight loss before (years of yo-yoing on other diets) this time it has to be permanent. Just my take on things, hope I can practice what I preach!! Hope you stick with it even in the event of a slow week. It'll be worth it in the end. Good luck


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5lbs in 1 week is wonderful! Don't be down or disheartened....stick to the plan and each week you will consistently lose weight. You will reap the rewards of your perseverance. I started LL/CD on the 1st February and have now lost 65lbs, believe me eating (junk) can never feel as good as being slimmer and healthier! Stay Strong, Love, Angela x


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Fatpossum, you're being exceptionally hard on yourself. Ignore your weekly weigh-in weights and just look at what you've lost over a month. If you were only weighed once a month you'd be over the moon at an average of a stone a month - no other diet will give you that.

Our bodies are fabulous machines, but they do tend to fluctuate. You'll retain water one week, lose it the next, so if you don't see a big movement on the scales, it's not "fat" that's not moving, it's water.

Don't be disheartened .. it'll come off, but you have to stick with it and keep drinking the water.

Oh, and if you actually believe you'll fail, you will. Turn your mindset around and tell yourself you'll succeed. If you do, you will succeed! Easy as that!

Good luck

Mandana x


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good on yer girl
with weight watchers if u lose a lb a week it is something to be proud of so stop being so hard on yourself
give yourself a pat on the back you have come far
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5lbs excellent! i hope my first week is at least that,,,,im getting all excited now!

Keep up the hard work and don't be hard on yourself :p
Hi Fatpossum, have just read your thread. You are being way to hard on yourself. I started LL on the 3rd march and hated the soups so, had a word with my counsellor who said it didn't matter what packs i had so long as you have 4 a day. So ! i have the chocolate ones hot and cold, the vanilla i mix coffee into to make a latte and the strawberry i mix with carbonated water. So if you really can't stand the soups don't have them. The aim of the diet is to have four packs which ever you like the best and of course the water !!!! lots and lots of water.
Sadly if you don't consume your four packs and the water your body will feel neglected and you won't lose weight. You need a goal or something to focus on in the future. You know you can do it you just need to convince your inner self, this will stop the negativity and let you get on doing what you really want to do. The water flavourings are a god send i'm not a great water drinker but they make them much more bearable i also make lollys with it. Wishing you all the luck please don't give up you have taken the first step don't steer off the path to your happiness
lol pam x

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