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I'm 10lbs lighter than goal

Hi there. Haven't been here for a while. Many of you know me as the girl who had chronic fatigue and went on the raw food diet. I am now 6 months on this diet and will never go back. When my CF was at it's worst, my saliva PH was 4.5, or extremely acidic (a healthy body is 7.2). After a few months eating fruits, green veggie juice, seaweed, soaked nuts, seeds, lentils, my PH went up to 6, and I no longer felt like I had the flu. Now I am at 7.0, and I look younger than I did before I got CF. I also lost 18 pounds, which is 10 pounds lighter than my whole adult life. The difference between a regular diet and going RAW, is you keep your curves. When your hormones balance after you detox and a nutritionally 'stuffed', you have great womanly curves, with a small waist. This lifestyle has made my life so much better. :)
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Well done that is a fantastic achievement, especially for your health
Well done xxx
I have CFS, that's great that you're doing so well. :) do you mind me asking how you make your green veggie juice (including quantities)?
Sorry for such a late reply. I green juice kale, spinach or swiss chard. I add a purple like purple cabbage or beets (I only do purple if I don't have other detox symptoms- rashes zits ect because purple cleans your liver so much, I want to go slow.) I add celery and cucumber often because they are high in minerals. When I just started juicing, I over did it in carrots and turned orange haha I have pix on my blog as a warning to anyone just starting too. Did you know that they make a tanning pill that is almost all orange pigment from carrots? haha
I used to be able to drink 20 or more oz on an empty stomach. But my stomach shrunk, and now holds maybe 12oz. And I drink it for supper, which improved the quality of my sleep even more:)
Hear hear.

Maybe have a proper read through Elm? I'm all for different approaches to weight loss or maintenance. I have issues when people spout stuff which is so nonsensical it's barely readable.

And as I keep saying - show me the science to back this stuff up and I'll apologise and eat my hat < with a side order of fries >

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