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Im a bit worried

Hey Everyone,

Hope ur all having a great week. Im a little bit worried today, have been speaking to a nurse at work who asked me how I was getting on with the diet. I told her I had lost 25lbs in 5 weeks and she said that was really good but to be very careful.
She said that on 500cals a day your body eats fat but also eats muscle, and that its much easier for the body to eat away at the muscle first, ur heart being the most important muscle in ur body!
She said that nutritionists would agree that loosing weight slowly would be more beneficial and safer in the long run. Rapid weight losses r not good apparently. She said that the LL company obv. wouldn't tell us this as its making the money.

I can kind of see where she is coming from but am really enjoying the diet.
Im just a little scared and confused now?! :confused:

What to do?????? :(
Has anyone else been told anything like this?

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Before the body starts burning muscle it needs to burn its fat stores, due to the lower carbs and your body being in ketosis your body is burning fat and not muscle. Sometimes professionals don't know the actual diets they are talking about and are trained to tell patients about healthy eating. Take it from me I know, I'm a nurse and when I'd been on placements with other nurses, had I not known any better I would have been scared to death by the comments they made.
Ahhhh thanks for that! Thats a relief! I was scared with what she was saying but feel better now for reading that.

Thank You! :thankyou:

What a load of TOSH !!

You will hear all sorts while you are on this programme. Your LLC will be able to advise you. Lots of people say you lose weight too quickly on this ,but what they don't understand is that you are getting the right amount and balance of vitamins and minerals and the water is good for the system as well as your skin. You will probably notice your hair,skin and nails are better than before too.
I started LL for health reasons and it's worked. The nurse at my surgery was a bit sceptica at first, but is now recommending LL to her patients.
Follow your instincts. You'll be feeling FANTASTIC. Good Luck.

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