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I'm a cheat with meat!

S: 20st0lb C: 16st6lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 3st8lb(17.86%)
I dont know what it is but ever since I have been on CD I have constantly craved meat.

It seems like over the past week and especially at the weekend I could not resist and have succumbed to cheating on this diet that has served me so well so far.

I think because I have lost so well and so quickly and now that people are starting to comment that I have lost weight that I think its ok to start fridge picking again.

I need to tell myself to stop before this escalates into a full blown binge.

At the moment I am nibbling at pieces of ham and chicken and corned beef and any other cooked meat that I can lay my hands on. I suppose because I think that it is low carb I think that it is ok, but I know what I am doing is making me more hungry.

So far I have not succumbed to anything Carb laden but how can I stop myself before it goes too far!!
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This happened to me and before I knew it, I had put back on 3st of the 7st I lost. I was looking in the mirror and liked what I saw. The urgency to lose weight just wasn't there anymore.

I wish I had stopped picking sooner and got back on the wagon. I could have been at goal by now!! x


can see the end in sight!
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seriously, i know how you feel. my boyfriend can't have cooked ham in the house anymore as i find it the most tempting thing ever. you think you can get away with it as its so low carb, but its doing you more damage mentally really. stop now! or maybe consider movig up to a higher plan, ss+ maybe, then you can have a small meal at the end of the day?


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FBS.. you have to tell yourself "no".. are you on ss+ or 810? It may be that if you aren't, you could go up a plan to include a small meal, where you can have chicken, fish or quorn with a limited amount of veg too. Might stop those cravings :).


WILL be Slim!
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i know what you say about cooked meat...but corned beef is full of fat and not worth the hassle!

If you REALLY need to eat something,and its a regular occurance then speak to your CDC about moving up the plans...its better to stay in control that "pick" becuase mentally your letting food get the upper hand!

So put the meat down...and go have a shake/soup!



Shut up Ethel
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I guess this often happens because so many of us focus on 'push' goals eg 'I don't want to be this size any more' - and, lo and behold, you lose some weight, enough for people to notice, and hurrah you've actually achieved your goal! You're not that size any more! Well done you!

But this is counter productive and I imagine is the cause of many a 'blip' and a fair few complete abandons of the diet.

What you need is a positive goal. The mind can't focus on negative things, so you need a properly framed positive goal to work towards. 'I don't want to be 15 stone' just doesn't cut it because as soon as you lose even a lb, you've done that.

So work out a positive goal, one that contains no negative words, so nothing about 'I want to lose four stone' or 'I want to wear smaller trousers'

Things like 'I will weigh xx amount on xx date' 'I will wear 32 inch trousers' 'I will be happy, healthy and in control of my weight'

you haven't achieved them yet...hence they still have power for you.


lunar jim

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Doh, don't do it FBS! You're doing really well so far, it'd be a shame to blow it now.

And yeah, the kid's ham in the fridge looks awfully tempting...


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I know how tough it is resist urges and i've only been on the CD for 4 days! I work part time in a pub kitchen and trust me I was so tempted to just have food - especially yesterday when there was plenty of left overs from the Sunday lunch carvery. I'm trying my hardest to break the habit of a lifetime by nibbling, picking and snacking whatever I get my hands on.

I can totally understand your urge to want to eat something - if only to feel human again but it's so not worth it in the end.

Hang on in there and stay strong!

S: 20st0lb C: 16st6lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 3st8lb(17.86%)
Thank you all for the positive comments, trying to get me back on the straight and narrow.

To give myself something to aim for in a truly tangible way I have been out at lunchtime and bought myself a beautiful Hugo Boss suit.

It is two inches too small for me on the chest and two inches too small on the waist.

I am absolutely determined to get down in weight and inches and this is my target, I am not letting this go to waist!!!

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