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I'm a failure :(

Some of you may have seen my previous thread...if not here goes..

Last night I was at the cinema with the girls, and I caved and I had 1/2 of my pick and mix, and a small chocolate muffin...I was disgusted with myself but decided to put it behind me..

But then today, I had a reallly rubbish day at work. I got home, and I ate the other 1/2 of my pick and mix...then was sick about 45 minutes later.

I can't believe myself. I was trying to be 100%, following plan totally and I don't know how it's happened. I hate myself for it, I'm such a failure :(

So now I don't know what to do. I've basically used my full weekly syns already, and WI isn't until Saturday morning. So I have 3 days left. Should I go totally syn free, eat lots of free/super speed food, and do lots of exercise? Do you think I can pull it back and get a loss at WI?

I feel so disheartened. I could actually burst into tears right now. I wish I could turn back the clock to this time yesterday, before I even bought the pick n mix...and just tell myself NO. Hindsight eh?

I feel so crap now. All I want to do is eat eat eat. Comfort eat. I may just have to go to bed and keep my mind off it by drinking lots of water.

Any ideas on how to turn a corner and get back on plan and maybe lose at WI? Help would be greatly appreciated...xx
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Oh sweetheart, you are far from a failure! none of us is perfect and occasionally we all make bad choices and that's all you've done.

get back on track, chalk it up to experience and remember how this has made you feel. You may find the scales are kind - but equally they might not, but if they show a gain or a sts you'll know why.

chin up, and hugs because I know just how you feel

Ah luv - Chin up!!

Comfort eating will only make you feel better for about 2 minutes, then you will feel rubbish again.

The best thing you can do is draw a line under it... I know its easier said than done but, you don't want to undo all your hard work so far. Get a few big glasses of water down you to fill you up a bit and plan your meals for the next few days. Have as much superfree stuff as you can and I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think!!



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I would say not to punish yourself but yes to try really hard for the rest of the week.
I personally wouldn't go completely syn free for the rest of the week but cut down to a minimum but allow yourself something so you don't have to go off plan completely just to have something you want.
I wouldn't say you were a failure I would say you were human, the girls you were with at the cinema for instance.....are they failures as they were having pic n mix etc?
Its all so hard to avoid at times but hopefully you can put it behind you now and make the choices you are happy with x Good Luck x
Thanks soo much girls. I feel a bit better. At least I know not to do that again. I feel rotten. I think I'm just coming down off the sugar high and it's making me feel low and ill. Never had such a pain in my tummy before!

So, shall I still have 5 syns each day, even though it'll mean I'm over my weekly syns by 15? I was doing so well too :( it's so unfair!

I think I'm gonna go to bed with some more water (I'm onto my 4th pint now!) and watch sex and the city. That's bound to make me feel better :)

Thanks again everyone, what would I do without all you lot?! xx


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Get yourself in a lovely bubble bath, get all your best smellies out, have a pamper, paint your toenails, cup of tea, and relax.

Also - food diary - write every single thing down from now until WI, and DON'T feel bad. You can't change the past, but you can change the future!

Dont worry about it, today is another day. Last saturday, I took sandwiches into work, ate them by 9am, then went for my walk on my lunchbreak....... and came back with 3 sausage rolls, an egg n tomato baguette and 2 packets of Fox's biscuits!! And I ate the lot before I finished my shift at 3pm! And afterwards, I wondered why I did it (I usually suffer binges at work at least once a week). I must admit, I didnt eat any dinner that night because I felt too full, but sunday morning, I drew the line and started again because I have a good incentive...... I recently bought 2 size 14 dresses (1 a small 14) that fit me perfectly and my aim is to be able to wear them when I want, so when I have my binge, the nag in my head tells me "Sue, if you carry on like that, it wont be long before you can only get one leg in those dresses!" This usually puts me back on track.


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xGeordieGirlx, ur so not a failure like everyone else has told you! it was a bad day thats all, we all have those!! if it makes you feel better this is what i've gone through:
monday: 2 potato waffles, chicken sausage, beans and slice of toast (that was just for breakfast) also had that day 1/2 of haagen-dass caramel ice cream, 1/2pkt cream crakcers (with cheese)
tues...rest of haagen-dass more crakcers and cheese!!!

I am putting it down to t.o.m. but am not gonna get that get me down, its done, I cant change it so keeping the PMA attitude. Been exercising like crazy though...did an hour spin class yesterday and will not be buying any more ice cream/crackers!!!

keep your head high and just cross off those days and start afresh!!

all the best luv


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These things happen Hun, certainly dont beat yourself up over it as the others have said.
Just make sure that for the rest of the week you eat super speed foods, drink plenty of water and reduce syns to 5 a day. If you are only going over by 15 syns it could have been a lot worse!!!
Its done now, just move on and learn from your lesson.

There is only one person in the world who is saying you are a failure, and that is you.

If you stop saying it, then that will bring it down to zero!

Telling yourself you are something you are not becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy after a while - you would not be this judgemental about someone else, so don't do it to yourself!!


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OK, first thing's first - YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!

The person who IS a failure is the one who comes off plan by accident, but doesn't really appreciate they have come off plan, and stays off it for a long period of time, undoing all the good work they have done up to then. You managed what I think is the hardest part of weightloss which is to realise what you have done and take steps to get right back on plan again. Well done :)

But what now?

My recommendation is that you, having drawn a line under your treats, just get back on plan. Follow it as if you hadn't come off plan at all. Ensure you have 5-15 syns per day like any other day. Yes you could keep it at the minimum 5 and squeeze as much SS foods in but otherwise just make sure you follow the plan.

Don't worry about putting on ½/1lb this week, if it happens then you know why it did. And you may still STS or lose, particularly if you can squeeze in some exercise too. Your result this Saturday isn't actually important in the big scheme of things, it is just one small marker on your jounrney to your goal weight - the real goal.

None of us who have been on a weight loss plan for any amount of time have been 100% throughout, so don't beat yourself up. You have to live! I would say so long as you enjoyed the treats you've done no wrong at all :)

If you do try and go syn-free or eat less (the MORE you eat, the MORE you will lose on SW!) you will not only feel hungry and like you're missing out, but I suspect it will hinder rather than help your weightloss attempts this week. Plus looking further ahead if you did that but failed to lose on Saturday you would build resentment and negativity toward the plan and yourself and far more likely to come off plan and struggle the following week.

My advice - just draw a line underneath it, and move forward :)

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