I'm a happy gal today!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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After a particularly rough week of feeling crap, tired, fed up etc I got weighed this morning and have lost another 3.5lbs, which is a grand total of 25lbs!!!!!!!!!!

My CDC has said to have 790 if I feel the need but not worry too much about eating every day. Take each day as it comes and if I need the food then at least I know I can have it!!

I'm 4lbs off 2 stone which is FABULOUS!!!


Well done Gem!

3.5lbs. is a lovely weight loss for the week.

Here is to another good loss this week as well.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Gem

Glad you have the boost you need with the weightloss this week. Always helps me! I think your CDC's advice sounds good, it would work for me. Often when I am feeling it's getting harder I will give myself permission in advance to have an extra pack or something and generally that is enough to make me feel better without even having to go ahead with the extra.

Welldone on the super weightloss.

Dizzy x
That is fantasic!!! Wow - you must feel great. How long have you been doing it Gem?

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is week 7!!
It's soo effective, I didn't think I'd be able to lose ANY weight in time for my wedding, but I certainly have managed it now!!!!

Well done Gem - thats excellent news hunni