Im a little bit curious!


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Id like to get to know you all a bit better, so if you work, where do you work, and do you enjoy it? and was it what you wanted to do originally?

I work in a library, its a lovely job sometimes. Its deffo not the direction I wanted to go, but im happy I made the decision to give it a go.
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I work for the nhs with people who have learning difficulties and physical impairment and I love my job. It's rewarding but sometimes very difficult. I often come home bruised or with a new bald patch but its part and parcel of the job lol.

My degree and masters degree however is in theatre and performing arts. Random change or what Haha.


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I don't work at the moment, long story, but I used to be a youth worker and prior to that a carer for adults with severe learning disabilities.
Nowadays Im a lost 38 year old with no personal identity, long term depression and little hope of changing the situation I am in. Sorry if that sounds a bit bleak and defeatist but thats the reality.


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I work as a Housekeeping Supervisor to a team of 20 in a large shopping centre. I was a secretary up until about 2 years ago before a series of awful jobs put me off going back into the office. I love my new job, it keeps me busy and I've lost over a stone since getting it as it's quite physical.


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I work as an account manager in IT sales. I like it mostly, but not the people I do it for. I have a degree in Politics (which qualifies you to do nothing btw). If i could change career right now, I would be either a history & citizenship teacher, or I would work for an NGO (like the UN, Red Cross etc) in Africa. That would be about as different to selling your soul to corporate america for a paycheck as it could get I reckon.

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I work for a water company in the south east of england.
Ive had a lot of jobs since ive been old enough to work and I always thought i wanted to be a chef. I went to college did 4 years of training did the job and hated it. lol. I love cooking at home just not for a company lol. I used to be a carer too from the elderly, learning disabilties, physical disabilties, challenging behaviour and mental health.
My job now is very different to my past jobs but i really like it and love the people i work with.
I have no idea what I want to do for a career though- always wanted to do something with dogs but theres not alot out there- esp less that pay well enough. lol. Ill keep plodding along until I find myself at some point. Im in no rush, Im only 24. :)


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I work for the NHS as an information analyst. I like it because I work with a really good (mostly) team of people.

however I have a degree in criminology and wanted to be a probation officer - turns out if id have just left school and started there i would have done better - experience goes a lot further than degrees in those types of jobs. oh well! :eek:


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I don't work at the moment, I'm a full time English Lit and History student at University, and I'm loving it!


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I wanted to teach English and I've ended up working in financial services. I do enjoy my job and love the company I work for.


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I work for a software company as a product manager (my self proclaimed title is Product Manager - New Product Development). Mostly we're re-doing a whole bunch of software to make it modern and useable.

I have a geology degree which is useful because that's the industry we're making stuff for.

That being said, I think I'm burning out of this place, it's probably time to move on or do something different. I'm thinking of Real Estate Appraisal.
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I work with high risk violent and/or sexual offenders and lifers.

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I trained to be a hairdresser/beauty therapist at college years ago and thought that was what I wanted to do but I work as an IT support team leader for a worldwide logistics company. Like the job and love the people I work with.


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I'm a stay at home mum. I have worked in all sorts of places. Factories, a slaughter house lol, a newsagents, a clothes store. I've been a receptionist, a stand-in columnist for a newspaper, and an I.T. Facilitator...which just a fancy way of saying I taught people how to use the likes of Word, Powerpoint, etc. as well as I.T Theory and whatever else they needed to pass the E.C.D.L. exams.

Hard to believe sometimes that I'm not yet thirty, and left school at the age of fifteen! When I was 21 I went back and got the equivalent of my Leaving Certificate and went on to do some Fetac exams and the like.

What do I really, really want to be? A writer of Fantasy & Sci-fi. I wrote some fiction for the Irish Cancer Society, when they had a mock wedding to raise funds. It's just too hard to find the time required to finish my book lol

What does everyone expect me to be? A singer. My mother has been asking me for years to give X-Factor a go and I think once I reach target and feel more confident in myself that I'll do it for her.


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I work as a Retail Manager, I studied business and leisure in college, became a Personal Trainer & worked for 4 years, got injured & put on loads of weight ;( lost my confidence so started climbing my way up to management level of a leisure center.

I then decided to change careers altogether & got into retail management which is definitely my calling in life, I really love my job & now I've lost all my weight I am considering taking on a few Personal training clients in the new year :)


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I work with high risk violent and/or sexual offenders and lifers.

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Gosh Sassia that sounds dangerous !!!!

I buy and sell antiques and love it but at my very advanced age have done all sorts of things including trolly dolly (stewardess) owned a promotions company, owned a satellite t.v. company, written for a magazine, been a travel guide here in Spain, worked as ground staff for KLM........oh so many things but always running in tandem with all these things bred my lovely, lovely horses.


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I'm currently a receptionist/administrator in a community centre and I love it. Iv previously worked for about 10 years in call centers and absolutely hated it. In the end it made me really ill.


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It's not really. A few hairy moments, I suppose. Very interesting work, but long hours and the stress triggers loads of comfort eating!

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I used to be an admin officer in the civil service but I left to study biology! So no job just now, not for lack of looking for one though. Can't wait til September when I'll get proper student funding at uni, none of this college bursary nonsense!!

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I'm an administrator for a charity that deal with young people who have alcohol & drug problems.

I have a BTEC in Leisure & Tourism but I never really knew what I wanted to do. I moved to London 14 years ago & started off in call centres for British Gas, a debt collecting company etc I then was an administrator in the NHS, then a PA for Sure Start (now children's centres), a team secretary for a construction company had my son & went back part-time as a senior administrator for the National Blood Service. Then I had my daughter & started my current job the end of June.

I love my job & I'm going to get the opportunity to do talks to the young people about the affects of drink/drugs & maybe become an outreach worker eventually. LOVE it XX


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I'm a Support Worker working one to one with a Severely Learning Disabled Man, I love my job, only went for it in desperation and expected to hate it!
It suits my bossy personality!
I worked for Post Office Ltd for 10 years the last two as PO manager and it nearly killed me!
Prior to that I worked in shops, factories (the best was the chicken factory, great laugh), waitressing, bar work, PR, Nanny, at age 14-15 I had my own babysitting franchise, I was in such demand I took on staff!