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I'm a newbie here!


Fed up of being fat!

Just thought i'd post a quick "Hello" message.

I'm Zoe, 33 and fed up of being fat, and unfit. I want to be able to run around and play with my daughter, not feel like standing on the sidelines anymore because of my size/weight.

So.. here I am!

I borrowed my sisters Atkins book (Not the latest diet plan out recently) , have thoroughly read up on it, and officially started on Monday 17th May.

I'm feeling quite headachey today, my mouth feels like the bottom of a birdcage no matter how much water i'm drinking and i'm in a bit of a grumpy mood (more so than usual LOL), so am hoping these are all signs i might just be going into Ketosis already..

Does it really happen that quick?

I used to be addicted to diet coke & other fizzy horrors, so have gone cold turkey, so maybe the headache is caffeine withdrawal?

I must say, I cant believe I have made it to Day 3 already, this is the longest I have ever managed on a change of eating plan!

I've been reading through the other posts on here, and this seems like a really encouraging forum, and I cant wait to start fat busting & getting to know you all :)

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Hi Zoe.
It could me mixture of ketosis and atkins flu and caffiene withdrawal.
A lot of us use the older book anyway :D

best of luck - get posting in 'what are we eating today' and we can all help if you are stuck !

Hi Zoe, welcome love. :wavey:


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Hi Zoe and welcome,

I started Atkins for more or less the same reason, I was fed up of not being able to run about with my son without gasping for breath - I already feel much healthier after only a few weeks and I'm sure you will notice a difference quickly too.

I'm fairly new here too and I'm sure you'll find lots of support like I have.

Good luck with your loss xx

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Hello Zoe, cor trying to keep up with all the new starters here! Good luck, hope you get through the Atkins flu soon & start to feel great.


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HI Zoe, I am a newbie too! Im only on day one tho, and not feeling tooooooooo bad, felt a bit iffy a minute ago so have gone to bed. Look forward to chatting n sharing ideas!. xx
It's when your body starts to react against not eating carbs Zoe, you can feel crap for a few days, then you wake up one morning feeling great and full of energy.


Fed up of being fat!
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

I'm now 4 pints of water in today & result is now light pink.. i guess from the amount of water i'm drinking.. it all still counts though?!

I even went to buy ice creams for the guys in the office and didnt so much as look at them myself.. that's a new one for me :8855:


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well done. wait till you take the cheeseburger pie into work. the guys will want some of that I promise you!


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Cheeseburger Pie
Total carbs 9c. Serves 4
500g minced beef
50g finely chopped onion
150g chopped mushrooms
100mls double cream
2 heaped tablespoons of mayo
150g strong cheddar grated
3 eggs
salt & pepper to taste

Fry mince, onion and mushrooms together until cooked season to taste, drain off fat, add Lee & Perrins sauce.
Place in a greased foil covered deep pie dish, flatten with spoon.
Beat eggs add mayo, cream and cheese.
Pour over the top of mince, drop olives around the dish and bake in oven Gas mark 5 for 20 to 25 mins until set and golden brown.
Leave to cool before taking out of pie dish, remove foil.
Cut in to portions and wrap in cling film
This freezes very well.
Lovely with salad, cauli mash, or stir fry (Great in lunchboxes)

Optional 1 Tablespoon Lea & Perrins 2c and 10 black olives

I dont bother with the onions or the olives - saves carbs :) i do put a layer of cooked spinach in on top of the mince so its a meal with greens all in one.
Its delicious.x

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