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Im a newby :) go me!


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Hi Marie
welcome and good luck with your weight loss journey.Just drink plenty of water this diet really works if you stick to it 100%.
The first couple of days you can feel hungry and sometimes get a headache but bear with it lots of early nights. It gets easier after day 4.
Thanks - really appreciate any advice I can get. Its a scary thought having food been taken away for however long it take. How are you finding it? xxx


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Hi Marie, I'm on Day 13 and to my surprise, its all fine and good. I was hungry to begin with, but just drank loads of water. Good luck xx


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Thanks - really appreciate any advice I can get. Its a scary thought having food been taken away for however long it take. How are you finding it? xxx
Hi Marie
Im not finding it too bad Ive had a few woobles along the way,the shakes are quite tasty and the soups are nice as well.The diet takes food away and allows us to explore why we are overweight and the journey that has led to us getting there.With the councelling we hopefully start realising how to make changes and address issues in our life that causes us to overeat. You may think you are hungry or crave foods but it is a psycological feeling not a physical one.Througout my journey so far I have had lots of thoughts and conversations going on in my head and sometimes outloud.Learning from these is what will help get us slim and keep us there.
Stay strong and keep focussing on your goal to be slim.
Thanks for all your advice guys. Day 1 and I have just had a vanilla milkshake - YUMMY!! I am surprised. I will and can do this. What are your guys goals? She said last night we should set one. I am not sure what to say as my first - I am thinking half a stone is a good first goal. I cannot wait till next week. So lucky the other 5 girls in my class are SO lovely and we are all similar weights so looking forward to starting this journey together!! Good luck on your journeys :) exciting times!!! xxx
Well done on the first week - how did you do?

Only day 1 and I have a headache and am starving lol - must of done something wrong with the porridge coz it was weird!! xxx
Hi I am the same as you, this is my first day - so far so good. Only slightly hungry, foodpacks not too bad. Trying to drink water frequently throughout the day. I can't wait for next week to see how much weight I have lost, this will keep me motivated I hope. Good luck with the coming week :D
Well done - thats fantastic.

I was violently sick last night - was awful. I am never sick - I cant understand what has happened. Think I am going to call my counsellor in a minute. I had the shepherds pie - not sure it was that or the 4.5 litres of water i drank!! Any advice?xxx
Just had my mid week weigh in and have lost 5lbs so happy. And I'm in ketosis so allowed the bars!!! gooooood times! Xxs


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Well done on your weight loss.
Take care
Welcome Marie and the other new ladies, you'll soon get over the first pangs of hunger when ketosis sets in and you see your first weight loss.
Marie, I expect the sickness was due to suddenly drinking all the water when you aren't used to it. I used to drink 4 litres a day, it's not a problem, but you need to drink little and often. The LL suggestion is to think of a water wheel,keep the water going to keep it moving. I used to start my water as soon as I got up in the morning. The other tip is to know where all the loos are - you'll be weeing for England!
Welcome and good luck
Thank u so much and is so good to see someone who has maintained. Most ppl i have read about have said they put it all straight back on again. any advice?xxx
Thanks Marie, not really advice, more common sense:
The only reason people put it all back on, whatever diet or method of weight loss they've done, is if they go back to their old habits.
One of my favourite reminders.
"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!"
Lots of people say they put the weight back on when they go back to eating "normally". Was it eating "normally" that got us there in the first place??????????
My sincerest advice would be - see it through to whatever goal you set for yourself, don't be tempted to give up before that and think you can finish it off on your own -and the real important bit seems to be. Do RTM at the end which is the 12 week controlled, gradual re-introduction to food.
It really seems to be what makes the difference. So many Returners say they wish they had done it.
I'm so glad I did. It's not easy. It's still a challenge, no-one can be 100% strong willed all the time and life throws things at us which make us wobble sometimes, but follow the programme, engage with the psychological side, see it as more than just another "diet" and you'll have a good chance of success.
Good luck. xx
Thanks SB, great advice for all us new starters to keep in mind.

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