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I'm a picker: help

So if I'm out for dinner I can eat the good bits and leave the rest, but I eat quite fast and end up polishing off, e.g. the shared chips or batter I carefully removed from fish while waiting for everyone else to finish, or having seconds.

Does anyone have any tactics to help me stop nibbling, or to help me eat slower?
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Try putting down the cutlery between each bite, and my Nan always used to say chew each bit 20 times!
I do it too. It's more controllable at home. I have eaten half a jar of pickled gerkins while dinner is on the go tonight and we are waiting for hubby to get in!

Could you have a sugar free mint as soon as you have finished your course and waiting for the others, would this stop the picking?
Good ideas, I'd often have ate a sandwhich while making the lunches for the next day! I'll try the chewing idea tonight and get some mints tomorrow.

Problem is 3 nights a week we don't have dinner until 9pm as OH goes to the gym, so I'm STARVING by then. I try eating fruit etc but don't want to end up having another meal.


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Im a picker too :( especially off the kids plates while my tea is cooking! (if we aren't eating together)
I save my HEb so if i get to feel like picking i can have 2 alpen lights! That really helps. Also, things like fish batter/chicken skin,pork crackling etc etc i get rid of strait away so they cannot temp me. I either put it strait in the bin or feed it to hubby if home, and if out i wrap it in a napkin and ask the waitress to take it away! Its extream lol but i KNOW i would eat it if it was on my plate!
Eating slower is something i also have a problem with, i have 4 kids, one 8 months old, so time is at a premium and i dont have a solution :(
But if me and hubby manage a meal when the kids are all in bed, i make sure i chew and savour every bite! Also serve food piping hot on a hot plate (heated in the oven) so you have to eat slower or you burn your mouth :) xx
I'm a very slow eater, which I think annoys people as I take so long. The reason I eat so slow is that I'm normally chatting at the dinner table. I don't like to talk with a gob full of food, so it takes me ages to eat a meal!!!
Not sure if this is the answer!!
The soup is a great idea.

If the children are eating earlier and they dont clean the plates I quickly squirt washing up liquid on it when I take the plate from the child as it is the only way I can guarentee I wont touch the leftovers!


Slow and steady...
Sio, when your waiting for the OH, how about making some soup ? I often have a bowl as a starter before my dinner , even sometimes as much as an hour before dinner....stops me from picking, and I tend to make neutral superfree soups so it's all good
The soup idea is a fantastic one, just batch make some up at the weekend and have a bowl at about 7 or 8 to stave off the hunger until your actual dinner with your hubby.

Make it superspeed too and it might even help the weightloss along :D


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