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I'm a pig :(


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Hi Everyone,

Well the title says it all. In the space of an hour tonight I ate a tuna sandwhich, a small piece of jam roly poly and four fruit pastilles!
I had my 7th weigh in last Thursday and had lost 2 stones, but I think this week I might well have gained on of them back :cry:
I have had a lot of stress in the last couple of weeks, had to find another church for renewall, hubby being made redundant next week, lump in breast (turned out to be hormonal) and then today my daughter who is 13 weeks pregnant was told that the baby has died. It was the final straw and the urge to comfort munch was to strong :sigh:
I will be straight back on my ssing tomorrow, but what a failure :break_diet:

Chris. xx
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Going to do this......
NO NO NO not a failure, but just a bit stressed out today. sending hugs tthrough minimins tomorrow is another day, you have done so well just a little blip today :)
Chris - you are not a failure, you haven't given up and will be SSing again tomorrow - that does not make you a failure. You've had a lot of stress and ending up eating, that makes you human hun and most of us can relate to that.

It's done now, stop hating yourself for it, that won't achieve anything, draw a line under and make a fresh start tomorrow. You won't have put a stone back on, far from it, you'll have knocked yourself out of ketosis, so make sure you drink plenty of water to deal with the hunger pangs you may get over the next day or so.

You've had a really tough time lately, so be kind to yourself, you've already lost 2 stone, that's a lot of weight and a brilliant achievment - focus on that, the positive not the negatives.

Hope you're daughter's ok too, what an awful thing for her & her partner.

Take care & no more beating yourself up!



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Thank you June and Madam Dotty. I will be back on track tomorrow and drinking plenty of water. Don't think I'll bother weighing myself to see what damage I've done, cause its done now and will only add extra upset.

Chris. xx


a bit different everyday
wow is that all you had, i would have had 14 x that if i had the terrible news you had today!!!!!
really sorry to hear what happened
but you are no failure, just human hun
as you said you still want to do this and so tomorow is another day
hope your daughter is holding up, wish i could give you a hug
:hug99: :hug99:
take care
natalie xxxxxxx


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Thank you Natalie. She was 13 weeks pregnant and we were really excited about having another grandchild. Plus its horrendous to see your own child devastated.
I will be back on track tomorrow. I've got too much weight to lose, to give up at the first hurdle.

Chris. xx


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S: 29st0lb
:hug99: :hug99: sorry to hear your news chris if that was me i think i would have eaten for england !!! well done for getting back on ss today sending you and your family big hugs hun :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99:


finding my way again !
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hi Chris,
just wanted to send love to you & your daughter, i've been there & know what she is going thru now. i was lucky enough to be pregnant again 15 weeks later & now have a georgeous 8 yr old daughter (as well as an 11yr old)
where i had my miscarriage they had a rememberance book where we could name our baby & visit for contemplative time.
if you read my diary you will see i ate loads last week but pulled the reins in on friday & lost 2lbs by monday weigh in.
good luck hun, to you both
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Chris, I cant believe thats all you ate I would have eaten a ton of crap and would have used everything that has happened to you (what a heck of a lot of stuff!) as an excuse not to diet at all. I think it shows immense strength to carry on with it despite everything going on around you. You havent failed at all you're doing brilliantly. I think you said you're back on track now so good luck with that today.

I'm so sorry for your daughter as well.

I hope you're doing ok today xxx
Hope you have a good day today Chris - well done for getting back on the wagon.

Much love to you & your daughter
Just think of what you would have ate if you were not on the CD hun. I am so sorry you have had a bad time xxx
I'm so sorry for your daughters loss :(

Try not to beat yourself up over breaking your diet, you will be fine if you get back on it...you didn't even even that much.... best wishes xx
:grouphugg: You poor sausage!

What a cruddy week!:hitthefan:

Don't be so harsh on youself babe, I would have eaten the world and his dog if I had a week half as bad as that.

Personally I think you are rather saintly to be so determined to soldier on with SS. So stop kicking yourself and give yourself a pat on the back instead, you the women!!!

I'll send you any spare motivation I have and all my spare loving thoughts for you, your daughter, and your husband!

Sorry things have been so bad for you, but as the song says, things can only get better!

Well done with your efforts so far, keep it going! :superwoman:
Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement. I have been back on track today and will know what damage I have done at my weigh in on Thursday. My daughter says thank you for your good wishes. I showed her the thread earlier. She is being really brave.

Chris. xx


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Hi Chris

Its no wonder that you turned to food for comfort what a terrible time you have had, hope all goes as smoothly as it can in the next few days.If you re read your list you didnt really have loads. You had a lot to cope with so just up the water and Im sure that there wont be too much damage tonight when you get weighed. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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