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I'm a Restarting Rooster - Hello CD, I've missed you!!!

Hello everyone!

Well 13 months since I last started CD, I'm back after regaining all the weight (give or take a lb or 2) :wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:

It's so frustrating starting again from scratch, but at the same time I'm realy pleased I'm in the 'Zone' where I know I can do it this time. I feel like I've been fighting with meself to get back here and I've only just made it so it's quite a relief!!

Since putting the weight back on I've become very introverted, I rarely go out anywhere I think I might meet people I know, who don't know that I've put on so much weight. So basicaly, I go to the supermarket, soft play with my 2 year old daughter, and out to the local chinese on a Saturday lunch time. I'm 26 years old, I need to have more to my life than this.. and this silly layer of fat is stopping me from being the person I want to be.. so it's going.. FOREVER!!

I was having issues with putting up a ticker with the full amount of weight I needed to lose, so on advice from my CDC I've broken it up into managable stages.. Stage 1, lose 36lbs! .....

Here goes nothing!!!!

Day 1: Friday 29th February 2008
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Thanks Lyn..

It's so much easier looking at smaller numbers isn't it! ..

Oh, and why do you have a picture of my boyfriend on your info lol ... :eek::D:D:D:D:D


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Day 2

Well onto day 2 of this crazy diet and so far I'm feeling ok. I had a few wobbles, and light headed moments whilst out shopping yesterday, but they soon passed!

I've also had to stop myself from eating my daughters left overs, not because I was hungry and wanted them, but my hand drifted over to the plate simply from habit :eek::eek::eek:

I'm not in Ketosis yet, but didn't expect to be, but as someone who has been trying for more children for quite some time, getting a negative result from peeing on a stick is par for the course in this house!! ;):D

Oh well, just after 8 am and I've had 1 pack, 2 big glasses of water, made pancakes for my little girl and fed all the pets!! :cool:
Lol, I have never even saw David on tv funnily enough. Someone sent me his pic and I thought 'ooh I like him' and saved it.

I have been advised to get the weight off if I want to have a baby. I have PCOS so every little helps as Tesco say. :D Gosh, there's so many benefits to weightloss. TTC is not an issue for me right now but I definately need to get the weight off long before.

Keep the faith kid, and keep posting. :)


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Lol, I have never even saw David on tv funnily enough. Someone sent me his pic and I thought 'ooh I like him' and saved it.

I have been advised to get the weight off if I want to have a baby. I have PCOS so every little helps as Tesco say. :D Gosh, there's so many benefits to weightloss. TTC is not an issue for me right now but I definately need to get the weight off long before.

Keep the faith kid, and keep posting. :)
Keep the faith .. wow, quoting lyrics from my favourite band now too.. Lyn.. we're gonna be good pals I can tell!!

Sorry to hear you've got pcos.. I dont' have it myself but I've been ttc for quite some time now so know about it from other ladies in the same boat and know what a drag it can be.. I'm the same as you in that losing weight should make concieveing easier!

You should watch David, he's even better walking and talking.. yummy


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Day 5

Fewwww.. thank goodness I'm here on day 5 and through the worst of the physical upheaval of starting CD.

Day 3 was a complete nightmare of mood swings and temper tantrums.. (from me, not my 2 year old) I was exactly the same last year when I stared CD so convinced myself I could deal with the irritability better this time.. I was SO wrong, it was worse this time!!

I think it's because once I hit day 3 I know I'm nearly over the yucky feelings and I'm commited to 'doing this' and whilst some of the day I think 'that's great' other times I was thinking how frustrating is is that I am right back at the begining again! :mad: So it only takes one little thing for OH to say that sends me red faced and temper tantruming. :eek::rolleyes:

Well after a quite day yesterday, and an easy CD day I'm here on day 5 and it still very much feels like I'm standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up, thinking.. blimey I've got a long way to go.. but I've got all the equipment I need so here goes, and I'm just going to keep going up and up!


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Day 7

Yesterday Evie and I went to Scarborough to see 'Seaside Jack'! my grandad, who is nearly 90 and totally bonkers, but in a very special way. We take the trip at least once a week now that he's so frail and also Evie loves the opportunity to have an hour on the sea front.. (and the big kid that I am, I love it too).

So armed with fruit, crisps and juice for Evie, and a yummy cranberry bar for me .. off we went. The sun was shining so our walk along the front was wonderous.. even more so because I feel slightly 'enlightened' because I'm so confident on the diet, and I know I'm doing great. I know it sounds like I'm patting myself on the back but I so need to! it feels like I've been down on myself for so long it's time to reward myself, just by saying out loud, 'you know what Liz, you're doing well and I'm proud of me'! ..

anyway, back to Scarborough.. after our lovely walk along the front, and a few quid spent feeding slot machines off we went to Jacks house. We recently converted his front room to a bedroom/sittingroom as he can't manage the stairs anymore, and the first thing Evie does is dive into Grandads bed, she thinks it's there for her. After an afternoon of trying to comunicate with the deaf, and pacify my mum who has no patience with my grandad, probly because it's enormasly hard for her to see him so frail and stubbon, I know how it feels because that's how I feel towards her! we headed home, another CD day nearly done and I'm still feeling fab.

So here we are on day 7 and I've spent all morning having cross words with OH, I find him incredibly frustrating at times. Have you heard the expression, I knew I found Mr. Right, I just didn't realise his first name is always' well that applys to my OH and it's annoying.. but we all have our idyosyncrasies that we put up with, or other people do. but I find it too infuriating whilst on this diet for someone who hasn't been on it, or...... no no no.. honestly.. it's just OH, I told him from the start, 'please, don't give me your advice on what to do, I have a councillor for that, please please, give me a hug if I'm down, just no advice pleaaaase' and he agreed.

Firstly.. (ok, this has turned into a winge about my man, so sorry, but I live with him and it affects me mood and my focus, so it's sort of relevent!) ... so, firstly .. I asked my OH to make himself scarse when I had my first appointment, as it happens he was on a buisness call when she arrived so had to stay for the first few minutes, but when the call finished he stayed put!! He even likened the diet to training for a bike race he once did :eek: :mad: Well.. I let that slide and didn't mention it.

Then on Sunday, I made a comment, about how hard I was finding the diet on that particular day and I missed food! and that food is hard to quit.. and he told me I was ridiculous, and that it wasn't?!?!?!? sure it is hard, everyone who has done a vlcd will know that the first few days adjusting is for most, quite a tricky emotional time - give credit where it's due!!

Then, (or lord sorry about this I know, I'm a terrible winger, but this needs removing from my chest) This morning, I was thinking how it's a very quick diet, however, I've got a large amount to lose so it 'seems' like it's going to take a long time, and that once again I was cross with myself for putting the weight back on in the first place. He said I was being negative!! now, I felt I had to put him straight on this, as I feel persaonly after months of feeling really quite down with myself, gosh who knows, maybe even depressed? :confused: I feel more positive than ever, and I realy didn't want to be tagged as 'negative'. So I explained to him that I wasn't negative just stating how I felt and I realy wouldn't like to be called negative! then (my gosh this sounds so incredibly childish, and maybe it is, but it's made me so angry!) 5 minutes later, he say's I'm negative again :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I feel considerably lighter for relieving myself of that nonsence..

ahhhh ... SO Weigh in tonight!! I can't wait to see that ticker moving along a bit

You know what, after the first few days the diet, this time round I'm finding it so much easier than last time. I think it's because I don't have to try different flavors and find a routine that suits as I've just slipped back into how I did CD last time. I also taught myself to like coffee sans milk and green tea.. yum..

Well.. the next post will have my weigh in results.. woo hoo


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Week 2

and 11lbs down.. :talk017:

Woohoooo... now I'm looking forward to the next few weeks losses.. Whilst I'm feeling well and (hmm, happy isn't the right word) content, right now :)on the diet.. Once my jeans are loose and I can see some weight loss myself, the diet changes from being easy.. to a breeeeze..

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