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I'm at a loss

I just don't seem to be able to lose the weight as I can't find a diet that works for me. I have tried weight watchers and lost weight on it years ago when it was just points but struggled when it was pro points and smart point. I then tried myfitnesspal but I find the website and app so frustrating to use so although I lost 6 lb the first week, I didn't keep it up. I have recently tried slimming world. I have been on it for two months and am now at the same weight I started at. I enjoy the group support of it but I can't eat a lot of fruit and veg so it just doesn't work. I am at a loss of what to do. I need to lose 3 stone as my weight is stopping me being able to conceive but I'm not seeing results and then I give into temptation!

I can't do intermittent fasting as I have GORD/GERD and I have to have something in my stomach every two hours. This then makes it difficult with calorie counting etc. as I have to record so much! I can't eat something like a plate of salad as I can't eat insoluble fibre (complex carbs) without a good amount of soluble fibre (simple carbs).

Any ideas? #desperate
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Have you considered Weight Watchers? I think you can use your points for any food, but just keep within your allowance, which may help with the fibre issue? (Although it was a long time ago I went to ww)
S: 21st3.5lb C: 20st2lb G: 12st9lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.21%)
Oh, how stupid of me . . . I've just reread your post and saw the WW bit! Sorry!
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hey, @jennielouises . I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling to find the right plan for you. It can be really tough trying different things out to find what works for you. I've tried half a dozen plans and at the moment I'm just trying to stick to healthy eating (essentially stealing a little bit from lots of the plans I've tried in the past and sticking it all together). You don't have to strict diet 'plan' to lose weight, though they do offer some guidance, but you can devise your own focused around your needs. You mentioned that you can't tolerate carbs at the moment, so the atkins came to mind. It's low carb and it doesn't involve counting calories, or propoints, or syns, or any of that, so is fairly simple to follow...though does require a bit of willpower in the first week or so. I couldn't sustain it, though it has been my most successful diet to date, because being a vegetarian left my options for food pretty limited. I'd definitely recommend looking into it though.


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I also support the idea of Atkins. I managed it for 4 months, so like Y2014 couldn't stick with it long term, but even if you manage 4 months you can lose a lot.

Atkins is quite a strict version of a low carb diet (you start with just 20g of carbs a day). But after the 2 week induction phase, you can chose to slowly increase the carbs. This will slow down the losses, but may be a way to sustain it longer. Generally a diet with less than 100g of carbs a day is considered a Keto diet (ie low carb, leading to fat burning for energy)

Alternatively you can go back to vintage WW points. Just do it on your own. Lots of info about points values of food on this site, plus across the internet. So takes a bit more time, but once you build up your own reference library you can count quickly.

3rd option is to calorie count, but set menus. So every Monday is the same menu, every Tuesday same menu etc. It may be a bit boring, but wont need constant logging as you know what you are eating. Sort of a homemade Jane Plan or Diet Chef

Given your health conditions, have you ever seen a nutritionist? This might be an option as it can help with symptoms, not just weight loss
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Thanks for the suggestions. Atkins won't work as most of my diet is simple carbs (white pasta, bread etc.), and it is the complex carbs (veg, wholegrain etc.) that I can't eat. I am a vegetarian pretty much as well so couldn't just eat meat. So I don't think Atkins would work for me.

Buffy, I like your idea of the set menus when calorie counting. That is similar to how my husband did it. He had the same breakfast and lunch everyday for a year (I won't do it that drastically) and then just changed his dinner. I think I am going to try that.

I've seen a dietitian but they just tell me to eat more fibre which in turn makes me more sick! Or I have been told to try Fodmap but I know what makes me sick, I just don't know how to lose weight :)

Thanks all

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