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i'm back ..... again :-)


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Hello, can I come back please?

I've been milling around for the past couple of months, swinging from calorie counting to judddd and back to calorie counting again. I'm driving myself mad.

Last week I decided to cancel my holiday booked for September as I hadn't lost enough weight. Then after finding out that loads of things are non-refundable (Disney Unlimited access tickets, seaworld/busch gardens tickets, etc) we have decided to stick with original booking, so I have 99days until the big hol!!

I was getting on ok calorie counting, but my losses were slow, around 1lb per week average. I have done cd before but did 790. After 5 days I'd lost 7lb so I know it suits me. The only thing I hated was ketosis.

I'm not going back to my cdc yet as I still have 3 weeks worth of packs at home, so i'm going to use them and then go back. Does anyone know if Ketosis is essental for cd to work? In other words could I have a 250cal meal for my tea and still lose good amounts of weight similar to ss or 790? I'm sure someone once said that the beauty of ketosis is that it stopped you feeling hungry. If I can deal with the hunger will the weight still come off by having carbs for tea?

If not, then i'll follow 790 properly. I'm re-starting tomorrow :)
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Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Does anyone know if Ketosis is essental for cd to work? In other words could I have a 250cal meal for my tea and still lose good amounts of weight similar to ss or 790? I'm sure someone once said that the beauty of ketosis is that it stopped you feeling hungry. If I can deal with the hunger will the weight still come off by having carbs for tea?

Sorry, just desp to know as don't want to enter ketosis, makes me feel funny!!!


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I'm not entirely sure but I think that the point of the diet is to stay in mild ketosis so that your body doesn't go into starvation mode and store fat. Ketosis uses the fat for energy as the diet is so low cal.
Eating more than the recommended amount of carbs as stated by the diet will knock you out of ketosis.
CDC will be able to inform you properly. Thought I'd just try to reply.
Hello there, hope you're well.

Come back to CD!!!!!!!! It will make you feel so much happier I'm sure :).

I know exactly how you feel about the holiday, I was suppose to be going on hols a couple of years back with Sophie2324 (she uses this site too) and I pulled out and the biggest reason was due to my weight. I paid both of our pennies back to make up for letting her down though (and as your prob thinking, so I blimmin well should! lol).

I went to Disney not long before Christmas 05' I was very wary of going because of my weight then too, but honestly there is so much to do your on the go all the time and you almost completely forget about it. You'll have a great time so get out there and go for it! ...PLUS, I think you'll find your on the go so much there you'll find you wont put anything on because walking around the parks etc makes up for the deserved but naughty foods ;)

I don't know the ins and outs of CD as I've only been doing it a little while myself and only done SS so far. If you really dislike Ketosis I'm sure that the 1000 plan would be OK for you... I'm sure a clever knowledgable little person will be along shortly and give you all the info you're after. I do understand how flkjdslfjdsl the ketosis stage is though, have you had problems with it before when you went through ketosis?
When I first started the diet I didn't have a problem I didn't feel poorly just a little weak that was it. Then! I went and had medicine with lemon & honey in... got myself out of ketosis and felt a bit crappy going back into it. I was thinking maybe if you give it a go again it might not be so bad this time?

Whatever you decide all the best and have a great time at Disney.......take loads of photos!!!!!! x


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Ketosis uses the fat for energy as the diet is so low cal.
Aaaaagh, that makes sense! So I need to get into ketosis. I only managed 5 days last time I did 790 and on the 5th day gave into temptation and had a pizza, I will blame hubby! Does ketosis get better with time?

Come back to CD!!!!!!!! It will make you feel so much happier I'm sure :).
That's the thing arcticmonkeys, when I was doing cd last time I felt great psychologically (sp?), I felt in control. When I finally found calorie counting was working for me (albeit slowly!) that was empowering, knowing that I was eating exactly what I wanted (without all the naughty treats :D) and losing weight. My problem is I am impatient. I've had to decide do I want to lose 14lb by my hols doing it the easy way, knowing I can def stick to that way. Or do I follow the difficult way, the way I find hard and possibly lose 2½-3 stone?

:banghead: This is how I feel!

Thanks for your replies they were really helpful.



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Hi Frumpster, and welcome back :)

I came back from Florida in December and to be honest it was a waste of a holiday for me. Felt paranoid about being able to fit on the rides. This has been my incentive to loose the weight for when we go back November 2008.

Given the expense of this type of holiday and the fact (if you are like I was) you will be paranoid - is the Ketosis Funny Feeling SO bad/uncomfortable that you can't do SS for JUST the 99 days? Go on holiday (and we all know how healthy the American food is in Florida not lol) enjoy yourself and then, when you come back, evaluate what you really want out of a diet and get ona programme or a plan than you know you can stick to, and more importantly enjoy?

Things must be playing on your mind to even consider cancelling. Is SS or even 790 out the question for such a relatively short time which will bring HUGE losses?

For me. I want to be able to get on the plane and for teh tray to fold down FULLY and there be a gap between me and it. To be able to (if its the old style plane grrrrr) not get stitch everytime I want to change the programme and the remote is stuck in the seat arm (not so bad on a newer plane as they are on a cable!) be able to queue up for the rides and NOT have to worry which ones are the adapted seats (and it was bloody hit and miss when I did the HULK last time - VERY nearly didnt make it!)

I love Florida and all there is to do, the different experiences and for me its a real goal to achieve.

Good luck in whatever you do over the next 99 days - and be regular, you know this site is worth its weight in gold for advise, hugs, tellings off, sympathy and experiences all of which are half the battle :)


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Ps.. Sorry just read what weight you are now... rides and stuff should be a doddle for you. I was 21 1/2 st (think a stone of that was gained there Ooops!)


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
TT, you are so right. What is 98 days out of my entire life? It's nothing. 98 days of 790 will be worth every minute of 'funny feelings' and cravings if I can put a swimming costume on and not feel like everyones staring at me, or fit comfortably on the rides.

Your post bought tears to my eyes. Don't know why, I think it just bought home all the insecurities I have that will be there on our holiday if I don't lose some weight.

I would like to get down to 13½ stone (maximum :)) for Orlando. I know this will still leave me as a size 18 and still overweight but from where I am now that is a huge bonus!

Thankyou for such a really helpful post :)


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Nikki

I've been on the calorie counting board for ages. How are you keeping? You're looking great! I'd still love to meet up for a coffee, but struggling to get 5 minutes to myself each day at the moment. Working loads of overtime to get extra spends for the holiday!!

Hope you're well and your little one is ok :)
oooooo I feel a disney land challenge coming on for you gals!!! I wanna go too!!:(


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Hi Springador, we're going 20th until 4th Oct. When are you going?

A disney challenge sounds fab!!


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hi Frumpster,

I'm not well at the moment am off CD as I have a unknown virus and multiple gallstones, but am going to do slimming world for a while, cos I can't come back on CD till 3 months after my operation. I would still love to meet up for coffee (once I am back in work) and give you a bit of motivation!

Get on CD it will be the best thing ever! You will lose approx 12lbs a month on 790 plan just think what you could do in 98 days!

If you need me, even though I am not on CD at the mo, I will support you!



Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Nikki

Been to do weekly shop, bought lots of 790 friendly food in so i've got no excuse now. Added up all my cd packs in the cupboard and have 3 weeks worth left! I thought there was only 2 weeks, so thats a nice surprise :)

Called cdc and told her that i'm re-starting 790 but I still had 3 weeks worth of packs she was great and said to pop along to weighed anyway, I couldn't believe that, I kind of thought that cos I wasn't buying packs I couldn't see her til next purchase.

Going to watch big brother now, yes I am sad I know :D

Disney challenge is to lose 2.5lb average per week until leaving date! Does that sound fair Springador? Let me know if you can think of anything more exciting than that!! Or if anyone else has any good challenges please speak up :D


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Sounds very achievable, just keep your target in mind... why not buy a target top or swimsuit and hang it up by your computer... I did from monsoon size 16 and it fits now!! I wouldn't normally spend £50 on a top but this one is lovely!!...

You will feel fantastic by the time you go, but don't forget to work up your plans before you go just a few days on each to get your body used to carbs... unless you just want to go and splurge and get back to it when you get back..

When I have come off the diet I have put on 12lbs in 4 weeks, but I have eaten everything I wanted! naughty me, that is why now I have to watch what I am eating until my operation is done and dusted!

But if you need anything give me a shout!

You will do fab, if you want to email me ([email protected])...



Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Yes, every friday sounds good! If anyone else wants to join in it doesn't just have to be for Disney!!! I've got 14 weeks to go (well, 13 weeks and 6 days :D). I'll post next Friday!!

Nikki, I've made a note of your email, thanks for your support. Mine is [email protected]

Roll on Mickey Mouse :party0011:
C'mon guys you can do this ... will be keeping my peepers on you!!!! And tellings off comin your way if you misbehave!! LOL!! Good luck .... xx

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