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Discussion in 'Exante' started by Keen75, 25 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Keen75

    Keen75 Full Member

    Well !! I have managed to gain all weight lost plus a bit more since doing this last !! Just at my wits end !! Feel miserable ... Can't fit into any clothes and what confidence I had is no longer !! So just received my exante products !! I have to do it this time !! I need to get fit and happy !! Any other struggling exante returners out there..??? Any tips would be greatly appreciated !! :0) I have decided that today is the beginning of the rest of My life !!! :0) x
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  3. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I'm a re-re-re-restarter! I find this diet brilliant and I can stick to it for quite a while. It's just when I finish I have trouble not going back to my stupid old eating habits! Why do we do it to ourselves??

    Just keep in mind why you're doing this diet. Remember feeling like you do now, no confidence, miserable and not being able to fit into any of your clothes. Take those negatives and help them make a positive, losing weight and feeling brilliant!

    You can do it, you've done it before. Stick with it and you know the results will be well worth it!!!
  4. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Hi girls, I can almost word for word relate to Keens sentiments! Me too, got a double shock this morning as I weighed myself for the first time since beginning of December, I thought that I might have put a bit on but no its a stone! Horrified and that now gives me 2 stone to loose. i am one my second day of exante and its going ok (fingers crossed) Ive added a little bit of veg some cauliflower or cabbage to the carbonara to help me into things. I am on the total solution so I hope this wont effect my weight loss too much. Mini well done with your fantastic 1st week loss which plan are you following? Candy xx
  5. Keen75

    Keen75 Full Member

    Thanks guys!! Well not a good day !! Started off really well then this afternoon stupidly crammed crisps and chocolate in my mouth when kids came home !!!! Grrrrrrrr !! Why do I do it !! Re start again tomorrow!! I really want to do this so hoping I manage an entire day tomorrow!! Fingers crossed :(
  6. eca08

    eca08 Member

    Dont worry small steps Keen!

    Every time you feel the urge just try and distract yourself - coming on here and reading the success stories here can help!!

    Also try not to keep kids snacks in the house - if i know i have to get off my bum to the shops to go and get a chocolate bar (esp in this weather) i know im too lazy!! :)

    Another trick is to exercise first thing - then you have a little buffer if you dont manage 100% AND most importantly once u have done your exercise and the guilt when u do cheat is massive and keeps me on the straight and narrow - i think whats the point in doing all this exercise and then ruining it with this chocolate/crisps!

    If you need to put something in your mouth try making it a small bit of protein - some ham or chicken or something - much better than chocolate!

    Im a re-re starter too - lost 3 stone on LL a year ago and put back on!! Lost a stone so far (on atkins) but am back to exante as i need to see movement on the scales or i get disheartened!!

    Good luck and keep posting - deffo helps with the motivation!!

  7. Keen75

    Keen75 Full Member

    Thank you so much !! I'm back to it today !! ... Excercise sounds a really good idea .. I just need to get off my huge bottom !! Coming on here really does help !! Ill be back later :) x
  8. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    You can do it hun xx

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