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I'm back and im gonna need some support

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Hey folks. It's been a long time I guess and it's not been a easy time.
After my first successful week I had to stop LT because i somehow contracted swine flu and I've only just gotten over it.
So i'm happy to launch myself back into it.
Unfortunatly flu is not my biggest problem.
Last night my boyfriend and i hit a standstill and i fear my heart will not take it.
Somethings been off for a while but I didn't think it was anything major until we had a talk about it. He says he doesn't know what to do. That he wasn't ready to move out and into a flat with me.
But the worst thing was that he said he didn't know if he wanted me anymore. He says he still loves me but that living together has put a strain on our relationship because he's always skint.
I don't want to not be with him. I think i need him more than he needs me. I don't know if he wants to break up with me.
He sent me a message this morning saying 'i don't know what to say. I'm sorry it's taken me all night to think of something to say but thats all i can say. if theres anything i can do to make this easier tell me'
I don't have the courage to ask if by 'this' he means breaking up or this current stand-off.

I'm sorry this has gotten so off subject, but you folks have always been so amazingly supportive that i thought perhaps you might help.:break_diet:
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SO sorry to here you going through this, when me and my boyfriend moved in together we had exactly the same problem the situation youv explained is so simular i thought we wer going to break up by thankfully we never and we got through it,i hope you two can work this out and be happy together i hope your ok and i hope you get to your goal weight xx
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oh honey i'm so sorry to read this! although its an incredibly brave thing to do, i think best thing is bite the bullet and ask him exactly what he's thinking, is it a stand off or a break up. he certainly sounds like he still loves you hun so fingers crossed for you xx
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I hope you get this sorted out, i really feel for you. take care xx
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Took me a long time to decide to move in with my boyfriend and we did it at weekend ..
I am still unsure a few daubts money wize but you only live once ..life throws us lots of heartaches but you can't live someone elses life if he is having daubts you have to ask the questions easy or not it is always better in the end
good luck with everything

debz x
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Sorry for your pain.I think the worst thing is being in limbo.
Like everyone says,find out whats going on then you can deal with it.He might have just got cold feet or maybe realised it's not where he wants to be,either way you will know.
Hope it all goes well.
Good luck xxx
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It's awful reading this, I had been wondering where you'd gotten to and your posts are always so funny and upbeat that to hear this is really sad. I'm so sorry you're having so bad a time of it.

Like everyone has said, just tell him to come out with what he's truly feeling and to stop being afraid of how you'll take it. You need to know. Bear in mind that even if at worse, it is a break up, he still loves YOU and might just not be ready and that is NOBODY'S fault.

It must be so difficult, on the one hand you're looking forward with your personal stuff doing LT etc and on the other completely in limbo.

I really hope you sort it out soon woman, do keep us posted.


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