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im back and in need of a kick up the bum!!

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hiya guys, some of u may remember me from a while back, i was on slimfast for a couple of weeks then decided to go on to calorie counting. that went well for about.... a week lol! and for the last 2 weeks or so i have been eating everything in site and have put on a fair few pounds. so i have decided to start slimfast again on monday :)

im currently at uni and its exam time at the moment so am feeling the pressure and this has led me to eat.. alot!! ie. normaly having about 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, a massive dinner and then lots of chocolate for after! im so ashamed!! lol! and as i am only very petite this is far far far too much!

so im hoping to get this bad habit under control. i would like to add some exercise in, but at the moment, revising is more important, so it will have to wait until after my exams. ive got 7 weeks between my last exam and going on holiday which is when i hope to achieve my goal. il weigh myself monday morning and then decide on how much i want to lose - it depends how much ive actually managed to put on!

i plan to have my day like this:
8.30am: shake
11.30am: fruit
1.00pm: shake
3.30pm: fruit
6.30/7.00pm: healthy evening meal with lots of veg.
9.00pm: some sort of 100 cal snack.
and of course lots of water and green tea.

i guess this would come to around 1200 -1300 cals. i dont know if this will be enough to make me lose alot of weight (as my BMR is pretty low) but if i manage a lb a week or even sts, at least i wont put any more weight on until my exams have ended then i can beast myself at the gym for 7 weeks!

so im looking forward to monday, and il be regularly posting so im publically accountable for what i am putting in my mouth!

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Good to see you back! Good luck for monday ;)


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welcome back!
I remember trying to be good whilst i was studying at uni and it was the toughest time. i did try and go for the odd run as a break from uni work and to get some fresh air as well as stop me pigging out.
look forward to hearing how you get on
S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
thanks hannah and lili!

i know it is so hard trying to be good whilst at uni. my degree is very demanding and stresses me out alot, and it seems that every student has to snack when studying! its very hard to get out of that mentality! but im determined to do it :)

im thinking i might pop to the shops after i finish work tonight (i work part time on top of my degree) and pick up some skimmed milk so i can start tomorrow instead. i feel really blurgh for eating so much rubbish today and would like to start making changes now... otherwise i know il just eat and eat and eat over the weekend! will let u know when i start! xx
S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
thanks sparkelwings :)

well i bought some skimmed milk and as i had a lil slimfast powder left from last time i have decided to start tomorow, and then will stock up on slimfast on saturday after work.

will weigh in tomorrow morning, hoping i havnt put on too much! hoping for 2lbs weight loss in the first week and a lb thereafter, but as i said, i would have happy to even sts!

will prob do a diary in the evenings as well to stop me from snacking as this is when i am tempted the most!


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