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I'm back... having a rubbish week though.


Desperate to be slim!
Hi everyone! I'm back!!!
I did SW for a year and lost 2.5 stone, then everything went wrong and I gave up and put it all back on plus 10lb's. :cry:
3 weeks ago my OH proposed!!! :D So on Weds I rejoined my group.
Started on Thursday, feeling really positive, doing really well until lunchtime... school dinners (I'm a teacher) and it was my turn to sit with the children and eat, meaning roast beef. PANTS!!!
Oh well, Friday, perfect day, 100% on plan with 9 syns eaten. Great!
Today, I went dress shopping with my Mum for some incentive. It worked, I looked huge.
Wetherspoons for lunch (not my suggestion) and I went for the warm chicken and bacon salad with low fat honey and mustard dressing. Feeling I'd done really well I looked it up in my directory when I got home and it was only blimmin 17.5 syns!!! :cry::mad:
Now it's all messed up and I'm blimmin miserable. :(
Sorry to moan, just needed to vent!!!
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You haven't messed up, use flexible syns - deduct them from your weekly amount and then spread the remaining syns over the rest of the week :) all is definitely NOT lost!!!!


Is so doing it this time
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Don't worry hun like Twizzle said use flexible syns, all is not lost. It will take a few days to get back into the swing of thing so don't be to hard on yourself. And like you said you have a great incentive to keep on track! x
Hello, and welcome back!
I rejoined a few weeks ago and haven't had the start I wanted but I am determind not to give up.
I agree with the others, just use flexi syns and start again tomorrow, its so difficult sometimes eating out and so frustrating when you have purposely chosen something on the menu that seems healthy and it turns out to be more syns than you'd have liked.
You've proven you can do it before so theres no reason you can't lose the weight again!
Good luck to you! x
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Draw a line under whats happened and move on! You can do it!! My consultant said one bad day (and she was referring to many more syns) will not ruin the week if you get straight back on track and maybe increase your speed foods!!

Good luck and keep goin!!


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks guys. Just looked it up and went "ARGH!!!"
It would have been less syns for me to have gammon steak and chips!!! How is that right???
I was most upset coz I was treating myself to Galaxy tonight and now I can't. Boo!!!
Oh well, like you say, tomorrow is another day. I'll be off to tesco to buy SS veggies and be brewing up a yummy soup I think!!!
Hey, welcome back and well done for getting back on the wagon!

I promise I am not nitpicking but just for clarity for anyone reading this who is new to the plan (which I know you are not).

Flexible syns is not the right term to use for what you need to do to adjust, Flexible syns is a pre-planned way to enjoy a special occasion, where you choose a set amount of syns for that occasion, use them, and then after that stick to free/superfree. It is a method that keeps you in control at an occasion where it would be very easy to go out of control, and lead to further bad days.

What you are doing is more along the lines of using your syns as a weekly allowance, and adjusting the following days to compensate for the ones used today.

Realistically though, although I TOTALLY empathise with the lack of galaxy, 2 and a half extra syns for the day will not ruin your week.

I once found myself in a similar position, but this time it was in Mcdonalds and they had no salads. Stupidly I went for a deli sandwich instead of nuggets, and came home and looked it up and found it was 26 syns!!!

I just adjusted the following few days and I still managed a loss that week.

I really DONT think you will have done yourself any harm here, so please dont worry about it.


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks Minx.
I only really posted to stop myself eating galaxy and I did it!!!
I went over on Thursday as well because I had to have school dinners with the kids which was a roast, so I have defo gone over for the week so far.
Am gonna stick to as little syns as I can for the rest of the week and see if I can still lose.
As it's a first week I was hopping for a big loss, but I'm not convinved I'll get that now. Boo! :(
But anyway, have had a banana and a nectarine for brekkie, instant mash, peas, bacon, onion and an egg all cooked off in fry light for lunch, have a carrot, sweet potato and borlotti bean soup in the slow cooker and am off to get a chicken to have roast dinner for tea.
I CAN have 4 100% days until WI, I know it!!!
Thanks again... it's good to be back!!!
Emma xXx
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Hiya, I'm sure you'll be fine if you stick to plan for the next 4 days - you sound well in control! Just out of interest, why do you have to have the school dinner that your children have? In my case, I'm veggie so would obviously not eat a roast dinner with them and would decline. Are there no other options or was that the best of a bad bunch?! It seems unfair that your diet would be scuppered by something out of your control like this x


Desperate to be slim!
We can order a different option (Jacket pot or salad) but only if we know in advance. I was standing in for someone else so didn't know until the day before.
I will be ordering tomorrow for next Friday and hopefully it will be an ok-ish meal. The trouble is it's often tuna jacket (I HATE tuna with a passion, even the smell makes me want to spew!) or egg mayo salad. Hmmmm.
I should be ok I think as I have only had 1 syn today (gravy on my SW roast dinner this evening) and will be ok tomorrow as I have soup made up and will use the rest of the chicken with pasta tomorrow night. Phew!!!

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