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I'm back, heavier than ever!


I joined here a wee while back and was on a RC diet, well I was on and off then I was off and my weight has creeper right up on me.

I have never been this big or weighed this much in my life. I feel ugly and fat when I look in the mirror so I have decided that I must change my life.

Recently I lost my job so I've have time on my hands, time to snack and gorge myself with food and drinks.

My diet will begin again on Saturday and since I have time on my hands I have decided to go walking every day for an hour or more.

How are fellow RC dieters getting on? I'm going back to RC as I lost over a stone on it before.

Good luck to all dieting this year!!

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I only started RC this week, I was doing great on SW but feel for me I need more portion control and like the idea of exercise in the price of class. I must say I love it so far and hope to lose all my excess on this plan.
Good luck with your weigh in and getting back on track
Thanks and good luck to you too!

I am not going to the RC classes I got all my information from the magazines. I can't afford to join the slimming clubs or the gym :(

This time I'm keeping a strict food diary and go out every day walking rain or shine I am really going for it.

Fingers crossed we make it.
Well I am at day 1 and I'm really struggling :(
I really want chips or some crisps. I'm not hungry but I just want something to eat thats fatty and bad.
:( bad times!

I know how you feel, I think the first few weeks of a diet are always the hardest though, once you have kept to the diet a while you have a kind of incentive to keep going. I've had so many failed diets over the years, I really really hope I can do it this time. I'm just a sucker for anything greasy and yummy -_-
I have been eating Tesco Salt and Vinegar rice cakes, they seem to fool me into thinking I have had a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, but yes dieting is hard, hard, hard :-(
HI all ,it is hard I've jus t back on track after the hols .Last yr lost
quite alot of weight at rc classes ,made the mistake of not going
after a while and put it all back on I had lost so rejoined I know its
quite expensive but its onl y way can stick with it on my own the motivation goes ,however do like the exercise at group
I started the r/c last week and have to say that i have enjoyed it! I haven't felt hungry once and it was the first time that i had ever done an aerobics session! With 6 stone to lose its going to be a long haul but for once,after many many diet plans, i think i can see light at the end of the tunnel!
Well I am now at Day 5 and I've been going OK.I had a couple of pringles last night thats the baddest I've been so to speak. Did a 2 mile walk on Monday and going for another one today.
I had a cheeky peek on the scales on this morning and I've lost 5pounds but I know how weight fluctuates and I'm at the time of the month too so I might not be the same when I do my official Saturday weigh in. Seeing that on the scales this morning has made me realise that it is worth it, I do feel hungry sometimes but I don't know if i'm just bored or greedy.

Can't believe I started my diet on 10th Jan I'm still going and losing weight. It's not as bad as I think now, just adjusting my diet has taken some getting used to. I sometimes have a cheeky bit of chocolate or a biscuit. Now I am exercising 3 days a week and I'm trying to build up to 5 days a week.

Good luck everyone! xx
Hi Summer sometimes its really hard to stay motivated isnt it? can you replace the naughty bites of biscuit and choc with a low fat sweet treat? i just got some less than 3% chocolate mosse from sainsburys and dipped a ryvita currant crunch into it. It was yummy and helped with a sweet craving I was having. Sometimes we con ourselves into feeling deprived but who are you doing this for. Hopefully the answer is you! I know that i have got to completely rethink about the way I look at food and i am trying not to think of this in short term deprivation but as a complete change to my lifestyle this time. Good luck honey I know that we can do this together.
Hiya I know how u feel too, ive recently had twins and it has been so so hard getting back into the diet and what with my couple of friends that joined with me in class have now left and basically given up im still determined and want to lose weight esp for summer i feel i always have to "cover" myself up cos i feel and look fat but ive gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feel really pleased but im not budging on the scales not losing or putting weight on just keep thinking ill do better nxt week for my weigh in... you can do it we are all going thru the same thing so its good to come back on here ... think positive and good luck :)

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