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I'm back...I think....Help Needed please.

Miss Bean

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Hello !!!

Most people on here now probably weren't on here when I first started my LT journey last year in jan 2009. After coming off last time, doing three A levels - getting AAC and then going off to do a degree in English at uni, I have managed to forget that I can't eat whatever I want and piled the whole 3 stone I lost back on plus an extra 1 for luck. Completely disappointed with myself...so mad for getting back here...


I now have a choice to make, last year I stopped LT to take my Final exams that gained me entry in to uni...I didn't think I would be able to cope. I am now in a situation where my mind is completely taken over by getting back on LT - My first ever exams at uni which I have to take to keep me there start next week ...But my mind is determined to start back on the diet.

So - Do I wait for 3 weeks and get the exams out of the way, but still be obsessing in my mind over this diet, or do I take the plunge today or tomorrow get back on the wagon and hopefully feel better over the weekend once ketosis has kicked in and be on LT whilst I am doing my exams ????

Tough decision last time, don't know if it was the right one.

What does everyone else think ??


Miss Bean :)
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My advice would be to leave it till after the exams to do LT but try to eat healthily until then, healthy foods can actually help you concentrate better as well so you will have a better chance in your exams


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hiya :) welcome back to the forum.

as you said if you wait 3 weeks your will still be obsessing in your mind over the diet, maybe thats a sign to say do it now! get to the chemist and get started, theres never a good day to start and theres always reasons why we should wait a few more days or weeks etc, it sounds like you want to get on it right away so id say no time like the present, think of it this way if you do start now you could possibly be a whole stone lighter in these 3weeks befor your exam :) what ever you decide good luck xx
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Here we go again!
Hi Miss Bean, I remember you from last time. I'm back too after putting on a lot of what I lost before. Hope you've been well!

If LT is on your mind so much that it will put you off your exams, I would say start now but if it's going to be too hard to do during your exams, wait until after you've finished. Sorry, no help at all.

Great to see a familiar face on here. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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Hi, I was on here last January to April, I lost 3 stone of my post preg weight. I put on a stone over christmas so I came back on here in January. I've had a few stops and starts but am on refeed now after losing the weight and more.

My advice would be to start TFR Lipotrim NOW! You know how you feel when your on LT, you get more energy and your more focused so if you start now then you'd have done the hardest bit and be 3 weeks into the diet.

Don't put it off....start now.


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Hey, i remember you from last year. Sorry to hear you've put it all back on and more.

Whilst i was on LT last year i took my uni finals and i passed every single one with the highest marks ive ever gotten for an exam ....... now im not saying you are going to do the same but i don't see how really it would effect your exams, you're getting all the nutrients your body needs plus the added bonus of all the water you'll be drinking.

In my opinion, it can only be a good thing.

If you wana start now, do. Otherwise who knows how much more you will put on in the 3 weeks whilst your doing your exams, going out drinking & eating, celebrating after each exam ........

Anyhow, good luck :)

Miss Bean

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I have my first exam this time next week, which is plenty of time to feel better by...However I have realised another problem...which is soooooo annoying. I want to be at the chemist in my hometown because I will be back here in 3 weeks, however if I go today and start it, then get weighed a day early next Thursday - if the pharmacy give me two weeks worth of LT, I will only have enough until the Thursday 27th I have another exam on the 28th and that's the day I would come home. I had about 12 spare sachets at home, but my dog found them and ate them!!! So now it's whether the pharmacy will let me have that much or not!

Miss Bean

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Are you talking yourself out of it? You don't seem ready to start, you really need to get your head straight and start when you are ready. Good Luck on what you decide.
No Taylor, I am not talking myself out of it all. You know that the pharmacies only allow you to go week by week unless you have special circumstances for a two week supply of sachets. So basically even though I would be covered until the Thursday, I have an exam on Friday 28th at half 9 in the morning, which means I will not be back in my home town until at least half 4....now to me not having a shake from 7:30am till half 4 -5 in the afternoon is a stupid idea especially with an exam on that day.

So no, I am not talking myself out of it I am thinking practically...IF the chemist makes an allowance for me to have that amount of sachets then I will take them. :sigh:


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It sounds to me also that you are talking yourself out of it .........

You pharmacy will let you have the shakes or will let you buy 2 weeks plus an extra days worth if you explain your circumstances.