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I'm back (part II)

Hey everybody, sorry for the long reply and thank you to everyone that showed me support during my 'week of hell' when my boyfriend and i were close to breaking point.
I am extremely happy to report that it has all sorted itself out and we are now happier than ever!!!!! :p
Turns out it was this whole misunderstanding about me not sharing what was going through my head. I was actually insanely jealous of this girl he had met and was constantly texting/phoning etc. But bless him, he's never had a relationship before me so he just didn't get that that was not appropriate. I mean, he was considering going up to coventry (where shes at uni) to spend the night with her at a party for goodness sake! She was opening flirting (not that he realised -it took him 3 months to realise I was flirting with him! lol) But we sat down (tearfuly) and talked about it and he gets it now and what was going on in my head. He doesn't talk to her at all now, which does sort of make me feel like stalin, but he saw that it was hurtful and disrespectful (neither of which he realised). But to be honest, I'm evily happy she's gone, because what kind of person calls someone who she knows has a long-term girlfriend who he lives with, when he's in bed with said girlfriend and asks him to leave the room so he can 'talk without the girlfriend listening'???!
At the time I would have loved to scratch her eyes out and nail them to the nearest post. But now my feelings are 'meh, he's with me and isn't interested in her'.

So, moral of the story, we're happy.

I'm on the LT again and my determination is high!!! I realised that my jealousy comes from having ZERO self-confidence (aswell as being provocted by a slimy, skinny, non-sorority girl whose skirts are too short).

Money on the other hand is reaching breaking point. I.e. I have none. I still havn't been able to find suitable full time work and as a result I've had to shelf my pride and ask for help in the form of Job seekers allowance, housing and council tax benefit. But lord knows how the rent/bill/tax is going to get paid this month. I really don't know and it is literally keeping me up at night and my forehead in a constant state of crease-y-ness. I think i'm going to have to crawl to the parents. I know i can make this life of mine work if only i was given a chance, a break, anything! I don't want handouts, i just want the chance to be able to make my own way in life but it seems that nearly 5million other people are in the same boat. So, wish me well on my ever-constant job hunt!!

I'm just thankfull that i had the sense to pay for a months supply of LT upfront and now I still have 2 weeks left to get from the pharmacy. Otherwise I would have to stop it, which would suck.

Anyway, i've rambled far too long. I hope everyone is having a marvellous day (ignoring the fridge) and I'll send cosmic good vibes your way!

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oh honey - that's so amazing that you two are all sorted!! men eh! they just dont get it sometimes. that girl sounds like a serious piece of work. good riddance!!

sorry about the money stuff. hard times for everyone at the moment but i'm sure you'll find a way.

good luck honey xxxx
Aw woman, the good thingis you're doing your best to keep positive which isn't easy. I'm delighted you worked things out with bf. Friends with members of opposite sex in my opinion, is perfectly OK, as long as it's open, honest and never sneaking behind the partners back! This girl clearly just didn't give a toss about you or the position she was putting your BF in. I have a mate, who is extremely flirtatious but I've known him 18 years and our friendship just isn't like 'that'. I do constantly speak with my OH to make sure he's opk with it all though, especially if me and my mate go for coffe or something. I'm open and he trusts me so he's all good. :D. Tis a very tricky thing though if not dealt with carefully. I'm glad you've both come to an understanding.


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