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im back!!


Getting there!!!
:wave_cry: hi all! i was on lipotrim well on and off it for a good while but it worked wonders! i lost 3st i think but i didnt refeed in june and i put 2st 7lb back on!!! thats my bad eating habbits and stress! well now im back and going to conquer this fat demon once and for all! i know where i went wrong last time so its experience not to do it again! well here goes for day one! ill come back 2nite to get to know everyone lol!! :D
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good luck hun.

x x
Good luck hun i hope the 1st week goes well xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
It's tough that you did so well first time round and piled it on again, but as you say, you know where you went wrong. Lots of luck with your fresh attempt. You will surely do as well this time round.
Well done hun im sure you will do great and as you said you learnt were you went wrong last time so this time you will definitely succeed.


Getting there!!!
aw ta for all the replies girls! yesterday went so well,but i didnt go to the gym cause i felt a little tired so hopefully tonight ill have more energy! i think the last time i did it i waited for a couple of weeks b4 going gym so i might do that this time too! anyone else doing exercise even though lt works wonders without it??

Welcome back onto LT!! It sounds like your head is in the right place if you know why you gained the weight back :)

I didn't start exercising for a good few weeks as I didn't feel up to it (& even now I don't do much - swimming once a week & a dance class once a week), it's really up to you & if you feel you can manage.



Getting there!!!
yeah i did that the last time too,i think ill wait for a while! i c u lost 72lb! wow! in 16 weeks that is just out of this world! i need to lose 35lb but another stone after that too! im just aiming low at the moment so i dont get too freaked out by the weigh ins lol!! i hope to lose 2 stone in 8 weeks! im sure thats manageable on this diet,the last time i lost that in 5 weeks i think?!
Welcome back Trivenam!

You seem very determined to beat this weight thing into the ground. Keep that determination and you can only succeed. That weight you put back on will be a distant memory in a few weeks, and you'll refeed properly this time to keep it off.

I love your last goal! You go girl! If that's not an incentive, then nothing is!


Getting there!!!
I love your last goal! You go girl! If that's not an incentive, then nothing is![/QUOTE]

lol i know! i was nearly there in june for his bday but i bought gorgeous undies only the bra was too small around the back! haha! better luck next time i say! well,i hope!
your doing amazingly well on this plan congrats! its like a stone every 2-3 weeks with u! bloody fab girl! :girlpower::queen:
Awww I hope you kept the undies because if you stick to plan 100% they'll fit you in no time at all. Your boyfriend is in for a great night in a few weeks! Wrap yourself up like a Christmas present hehe!

Thank you! I'm shocked at my losses. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd lose that much in such a short space of time. I love the 'Girl Power' sign!

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