I'm back...


Bears dont dig on dancin'
...a week earlier than planned.

I must say my little break has reminded me why I was here in the first place. I feel sick, I've got headaches because I haven't had enough fluids... I feel rough. The bad food is so not worth it...!

We have done our food shop today and I've only bought things for syns that I would have normally. Food is all planned for my first week back.

I'm very excited to see how much I can lose at my first weigh-in!!

Speaking of WI's, in my 2 week break I have only gained 1.5lbs!! I'm really shocked to say the least! 28lbs to target, I can't wait!

Now i'm off to read my SW mag. Hope you're all doing well xx
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Welcome back! glad to hear you missed the plan, but i bet the reason why u barely gained was because u were probably doing it without realisng it!! :D


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well done on realising this is for you, I need a big kick up the backside to keep me on plan, maybe I should start a facebook group for us all so it keeps popping up on our home page telling us we are fantastic lol


Bears dont dig on dancin'
LoL I wish! I ate bad food, but missed meals, or for example: had a medium Snickers for breakfast! Lol haad to get rid of a selection box! :eek:

It doesn't help that I have an undiagnosed food intolerance, rubbish food makes me feel really ill, blergh. Xx


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Hey Julianne, welcome back! I'm back as well after a few months off due to all sorts off naffness going on in my life but im starting back at class in the new year.

Well done on only gaining a small amount whilst off, you will have that off in no time of you have a 100% week.

Good luck!


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Welcome back and well done you!!!




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Good to have you back on board :) Good luck on your 28lb journey!


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Yay! Good to have you back. That little gain is nothing! Well done. 28lbs - that will come off nicely by spring/early summer I guesstimate :D