I'm back!!!!!


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Look out, there's a penguin about!

Well after a couple of weeks completely off plan, I'm ready to get back to it and start shifting that holiday excess- I reckon I've put on half a stone and feel bleugh!

Anyway, back to work and structure tomorrow, which means back on the shakes!!! Got plenty so I'm intending to have as many as I need to get back in the zone of 'no food', even if it means having extra shakes.

I'm sure there's lots of us in the same position, so please wish me luck and I'll let you all know how I'm getting on tomorrow! xx
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Hi hun :)

Great to see you back! I hope you had a fabby Christmas and New Years!

I was off plan for the duration and was back to it on 1st :)

I don't need to wish you luck, you will do just fine, like you have before :)

Hugs x x x


Recovering Foodaholic
S: 17st7lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks hunnies! Just had a tasty bar and am glugging the water already- got a stinking cold at the mo, so the lack of appetite helps! That and the night nurse! How was your first day back, Emma? So wanting to get back 100% but haven't been for months! Grrr need determination!


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Hi BubblyPenguin (great name!!)

Welcome back! I'm sure any damage done will be undone in no time! :D :D


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Hiya B. Penguin

Good Luck for tommorow. I will be joining you for a new start too x


is a naughty girl...
I also had 2 weeks off I was on antibiotics, took me a few das to get back in to it :D hope all is good and you are still on plan :D keep drinking that water!

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Hiya and wishing you luck with your new start. I'm also restarting with 810 and in 3 days I'm 4.5lbs down which is great. A fresh new year will keep us all motivated. Lovely to see you and happy new year xxx

Mrs Taurus

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Hi BP,I am on my 3rd day back after 2 weeks and loving it. You know you'll be fine x


Going for Goal!
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Hi BP,
Day 1 was fine for me! It was day 2 and 3 when the headache kicked in. I'm on day 4 today and have woke up feeling good :)
Hope it goes well for you today x x x


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Hiya BP, welcome back!!! and good luck with it all


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hi im back too been a while x


Recovering Foodaholic
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Thanks Lovelies!

As I posted in the returners section, so far, so good...had hot choc for breakfast, which I really enjoyed, porridge for lunch in a bit. Struggling with water as it's 8 degrees in my classroom today (wearing my gloves!) so I think it's gonna be lots of hot cuppas to get me through! Got a headache- but that'll be my horrible cold, which the night nurse seems to be helping. Mondays are so good to start- back at work, back to structure, back in control! Lovely! Hope all of you are having a successful day! xx


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Hi Clare. Good to see you back. Hope you had a lovely xmas. I started again yesterday and had 5.5 packs but didn't give in to food so today I feel good and know I will be able to stick to it.
You'll be fine too - you know you can do it. :)


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Welcome back Clare!! Sure you'll have a fab restart! x


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Woohoo day one almost down! Tucking into leek and potato soup, heavily disguised with spices and herbs! Have to say today has been alot easier than I anticipated- no nasty snacks at work to tempt and I haven't been hungry- which tells me I have been very naughty and eating when I haven't been hungry over the last couple of weeks- that I knew anyway!!! Probably will have 4 meals today, as I had half a bar earlier and will probably have the other half before bed, we'll see how it goes...just pleased to be 100% CD today- the first for a very long time!


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Good to see you back hun, and i'm sure with the new year it'll bring new determination to stay 100%:D well done for today too:)