Im Back :(


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Well high ... idk who remembers me but i havent been around for a while :/..but im back after reaching goal and ive put on a few cheeky pounds.

Well A quick recap, Im Kels and im 21 today wooooooo :D. I started my original diet journey not LT back in feb 08 weighing 234lbs :O i got down to 153 so a loss of 81lbs :) through celeb slim atkins and then LT.

Well Im starting a fresh today, well tomorrow as i intend to celebrate my birthday although i will be avoiding cake!!

Sooo i weighed in at 12.1 today so I have put on 1 stone 2lbs in 2 months, which is quite shocking :(.

But im back in the right frame of mind ....which is the most important factor and im ready to get the fat off and be a skinny mini again!

Ive also alterted my new im going to go down to 135lbs this time and leave myself a 5lb barrier to actual maintain!

Sooo....if i do my maths .... i have to lose 34lbs :O should take me about 6 weeks, with a 2 week refeed.

I have a carb addiction and im sure im not alone, although i think i have being blessed by angels (you will all think im mad for saying this) but i have developed a wheat allergy so i cant eat pasta, crisps, bread and most cereal which were always my biggest downfall.

Anyhow i shut still not over my long rambling going to do alot of reading and catching up with the old regs and hopefully be re-aquinted with the newbies.

Peace and Love you all's :)

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welcome back , wow that was some weight loss, fantastic, you will shift that stone no bother :) best of luck


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Welcome back, there seems to be a few of us. Best to fix it now before it increases. I did it 2009 and have gain 14lb JUST over christmas :-(. Whar a massive weight loss you had.

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Hi and welcome back. You know the weight will soon drop off as you know how good this diet is. Good luck hun. x


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Welcome back Kels - I remember you. Happy Birthday for today. Enjoy yourself and come back to LT with a fresh strong attitude tomorrow. You know that you can do this as you were so successful before. There are lots of old faces back this year and lots of new ones too.



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Hiya , and welcome bk you did it before and im sure u do it again :) Good luck :)


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There are lots of us restarters about so its good to add another to the list!
1 stone 2 pounds really isnt too bad, you could have that off in about 2 weeks so dont be so hard on yourself!

You can do it again no problem :)


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Hey! I remember you :)
Welcome back. Good luck with it the 2nd time around, it is harder but seeing the results again will only make it all worth while :)

Oh, and happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one :D xx


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Hi Kels
I remember you too!! You have done incredibly well with keeping so much weight off.....the amount you have put on is no doubt over Christmas and leading up to it with all the naughty chocs, etc around!! Sure you will have no problem at all getting your head back in gear and going for it!

Good luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!
21!! Gosh, takes me back a few (and I mean a few) years!


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Takes me back more than a few years scots !


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Hope you have a good one.. and say go for the cake any way!! or can you not have that with your new alergy?

Best of luck !